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Loading premium packs onto the T3 Using a USB Cable.



Premium packs contain additional voices, styles, multipad banks, songs and registrations and can be purchased from various online sources.

To load a premium pack to The T3 using a USB cable, use the instructions given below.

The advantage of loading a premium pack using this method is that you do not need to keep a USB storage device connected to your instrument to use the pack and there are fewer steps than when loading them via a USB storage device.

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Requirements before you begin

You have already obtained and imported your License Key to your instrument.

At the time you purchased your first Yamaha Premium pack, you will have been asked to create and import a License Key to your instrument. If you experience difficulty using your purchased pack, try downloading and importing the License Key again from your www.Yamahamusicsoft.com
account. There is no limit to the number of times you can download this file.

Important note: This file will only work on the instrument it was originally created for.

For instructions on how to export the instrument ID and import the license file, please refer to Licensing your T3 to enable the use of premium packs

Some premium packs may require the T3 to have additional memory installed in order for them to load. for details on how to add memory to your T3, please refer to Adding Memory to the Tyros 3

For any references to buttons on the T3's panel, please refer to Wally's Panel Button Chart

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Copying premium packs to the T3's Hard disk

1. With the T3 turned off, connect a USB 2.0 cable between your computer and your instrument. Plug the hexagonal end of the USB 2.0 cable into the "To Host" port on the rear of the T3 and plug the rectangular end into your computer.

2. Restart the T3 in hard-disk mode by pressing and holding down the MUSIC FINDER button, (right section, row 3, button 1), while turning on the power.

3. Unzip the downloaded premium pack files using your preferred computer program.

4. Open the T3's hard drive (e.g. "TYROS3_HD") on your computer and copy the unzipped folder containing the files from your computer to the T3's hard disk.

5. When copying is complete, restart the T3 by pressing the exit button, located in the bottom right corner of the screen, just below button J.

6. Your new premium pack is now ready to be loaded, though mine seems to load automatically.

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Loading a premium pack

If you are loading more than one Voice pack, you will need to repeat the following steps for each pack.

1. Press the VOICE CREATOR button, (right section, row 1, button2).

2. Press button A, to display the Library Load screen.

3. Press the right tab button twice to select the T3's hard disk.

4. Use the A to J buttons to select the folder that contains the voices you wish to load.

Note: Some unzipping software creates an additional folder, in which case you may need to press the button twice.)

5. Press button F, to load the files.

6. The main screen will be displayed, showing the loading status in the upper left hand corner. It may take a few minutes to complete the loading process.

After loading is complete, if your premium pack includes non-Voice data such as Styles, Registrations, Multi Pads and Songs, access them by selecting the type of file you wish to use, e.g song, style, multipad etc and selecting the T3's hard drive with the right tab button.

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