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How To View The Contents Of The T3's Hard Disk On Your PC

Having connected the T3 to a PC with a USB cable, to view the hard disk as another drive on a PC turn the T3 on while holding the music finder button, (right section, row 3, button 1), button 25 on Wally's panel button chart.

you can now copy, paste etc to the T3's hard disk as if it were a drive on the PC without the need for the utility software.

When done press exit, (the button at the bottom right hand side of the screen) to reboot the instrument.

Note: The first time you connect the T3 to your PC in this way, you May be required to install the USB driver, which can be found on the CD that came with your Tyros 3. This should only be required once, the same as for any other new device you may attach to the PC.

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Last updated 18 October 2009

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