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Yamaha Music Finder Catalogue - sorted By Number


What is The Music Finder Catalogue?

The music finder catalogue is a list of 1,850 songs and provides the style, time signature, tempo, intro number and style variation etc that should be used to play the song on the T3.

This feature is also available on other Yamaha keyboards but in this document I'm focusing on the T3.

I have heard that there are actually over 5,000 song records available but haven't been able to confirm this. The file I have, which contains 1,850 is the preset file that is installed on the T3 when it's purchased.

If there are over 5000 records available I'm not sure how they would be used as the T3 can only store a maximum of 2,500 records in its internal memory, but as files can be uploaded and downloaded, I suppose it may be possible to overwrite the memory with another file of up to 2,500 records.

I think this feature is a great idea, as it saves you having to sit for ages, auditioning style after style when you want to play a song that you'd like to be able to play.

If the user can see the screen, a song can be selected by pressing the music finder button then using the A to J buttons on the T3's screen, or by using the data entry dial and pressing enter to select the song. The keyboard will be set up automatically ready to play the chosen song. For blind users this isn't so convenient, especially if the song you want to select is number 1,501.

In addition, if the user were able to use the direct internet connectivity of the T3, in some cases, it's even possible to download a MIDI file of the song directly onto the T3 and have the T3 play it. This is very useful with some of Yamaha's play along and learn to play files.

Note: the files that can be downloaded are a chargeable item.

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About This Document

This document contains the current standard music finder catalogue as installed on the T3, but with the titles written in full instead of the original cryptic titles that are seen on the T3 using the default catalogue supplied by Yamaha on the T3 when it was purchased.

A separate document will be available shortly, giving details of how to upload the file containing this information to the T3, thus providing the full titles instead of the cryptic ones on the T3's music finder screens.

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How To Use This Document

The following information is written for use with the JAWS screen reader.

The catalogue listing provided below has been produced in table format.

To make reading the document easier, I prefer to alter one of the functions JAWS has for reading tables. it isn't essential to make this change but you may like to do the following.

Note: these instructions assume that internet explorer is being used to view the document and may vary if another browser is used.

1. Press insert+V when viewing the document.

2. Press the letter T 3 times to get to the table options.

3. Arrow down to cell coordinates announcement and press spacebar to turn it off.

4. Press enter to save the changes.

Note: this change is temporary and will revert to the default setting when internet explorer is restarted or you open a different page. The default setting can be changed permanently using the JAWS configuration manager.

The following JAWS keystrokes may be used to move through the rows and columns in the table.

Keystroke = function

  • Up/down arrow = previous/next line in the document
  • Left/right arrow = previous/next character in the document
  • Control+left/right arrow = previous/next word in the document
  • Control+alt+up/down arrow = reads the contents of the cell in the current column of the previous/next row in the table
  • Control+alt+left/right arrow = reads the contents of the previous/next cell in the current row of the table
  • Windows+up/down arrow = reads the entire previous/next row of the table
  • Windows+left/right arrow = reads the entire previous/next column in the table
  • Control+F = opens the search dialog so the document can be searched for a given keyword
  • F3 = repeats the search in a downward direction within the document
  • Each record contains 12 pieces of information.

  • 1. Number (The catalogue number of the song)
  • 2. Genre (the genre for the song)
  • 3. Title (the title of the song, Yamaha refer to this as music instead of title)
  • 4. Style (the style to be used to play the song)
  • 5. Time Signature (the time signature for the song)
  • 6. Tempo (The tempo that the song should be played at)
  • 7. Keywords (keywords that can be searched for if using the T3 to find a song)
  • 8. Favourites (has the record been added to the favourites list, options are no or yes
  • 9. Search 1 (for use when using the T3 to find a song, options are no or yes)
  • 10. Search 2 (for use when using the T3 to find a song, options are no and yes)
  • 11. Intro (the intro to set for the song, options are 1, 2, 3 and none)
  • 12. Section (the main style pattern variation to be used for the song, options are A, B, C and D)
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    Yamaha Music Finder Catalogue - Sorted By Number

    NumberGenreTitle StyleTimeSignatureTempoKeywordsFavouritesSearch 1Search 2IntroSection
    1OldiesWhere The Boys Are12-8 Ballad 6/ 808260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    2Screen ThemeTheme From Thornbirds12-8 Ballad 6/ 805480,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    3BalladSleepy Shores12-8 Ballad 6/ 806070,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    4Easy ListeningCan't Help Falling In Love12-8 Ballad 6/ 8072standardNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    5All Time HitsI Believe12-8 Ballad 6/ 807250,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    6All Time HitsLosing You12-8 Ballad 6/ 806660,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    7OldiesUnchained Melody12-8 Ballad 6/ 807260,90,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    8ShowtimeSend In The Clowns12-8 Ballad 6/ 805870,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    9OldiesSmoke Gets In Your Eyes12-8 Ballad 6/ 807450NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    10Easy ListeningWhat A Wonderful World12-8 Ballad 6/ 8072standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    11Easy ListeningThe End Of The World12-8 Ballad 6/ 806650NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    12All Time HitsThe Wonder Of You12-8 Ballad 6/ 807870NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    13BalladAgainst All Odds16BeatBallad1 4/ 406480,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    14Pop BalladsI Just Can't Stop Loving You16BeatBallad1 4/ 408480NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    15BalladLove Me For A Reason16BeatBallad1 4/ 407470,90,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    16WorshipBe Glorified16BeatBallad1 4/ 4073worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    17Pop ClassicsI Believe In Music16BeatBallad1 4/ 407870NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    18BalladAfter The Love Has Gone16BeatBallad1 4/ 406670,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    19R&B/GospelAs16BeatBallad2 4/ 409670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    20BalladRainy Night In Georgia16BeatBallad2 4/ 407670,ballad,americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    21BalladOne Day I'll Fly Away16BeatBallad2 4/ 407680,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    22BalladLa Solitudine16BeatBallad2 4/ 407290,ballad,italy,italianNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    23BalladNothing's Gonna Change My Love16BeatBallad2 4/ 407080,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    24BalladYou're The Inspiration16BeatBallad2 4/ 407280,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    25BalladNever Gonna Let You Go16BeatPop 4/ 407080,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    26BalladJust Once16BeatPop 4/ 407480,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    27Pop BalladsHeal The World16BeatPop 4/ 407890,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    28Pop ClassicsAlone Again Naturally16BeatPop 4/ 408670,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    29Modern PopNikita16BeatPop 4/ 408480NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    30Pop BalladsCareless Whisper16BeatPop 4/ 407680,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    31BallroomI'm Beginning To See The Light30sBigBand 4/ 412040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    32Screen ThemeI Wanna Be Loved By You30sBigBand 4/ 412050,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    33BigBandThe Song That I Sing30sBigBand 4/ 411480,tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    34BigBandOn The Sunny Side Of The Street30sBigBand 4/ 413030,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    35BallroomTiptoe Through The Tulips30sBigBand 4/ 411620,70NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    36BallroomUnderneath The Arches30sBigBand 4/ 412020,pub songsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    37Easy ListeningZwei Nacht In Eine Grosse Stadt40sBigBand 4/ 4090standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    38SwingWe'll Meet Again40sBigBand 4/ 409240,pub songsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    39JazzI Can't Get Started40sBigBand 4/ 408230,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    40BigBandAt Last40sBigBand 4/ 408240NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    41BigBandMoonlight Serenade40sBigBand 4/ 408230,40NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    42Easy ListeningIn A Sentimental Mood40sBigBand 4/ 408240NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    43Easy ListeningYou Belong To Me40sBigBand 4/ 408250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    44JazzI'm Getting Sentimental Over You40sBigBand 4/ 408230,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    45BigBandStory Of A Starry Night40sBigBand 4/ 408040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    46Easy ListeningCandy40sBigBand 4/ 408270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    47BigBandSentimental Journey40sBigBand 4/ 408850,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    48SwingWhat's New?40sBigBand 4/ 408250,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    49Sing-alongsWhite Cliffs Of Dover40sBigBand 4/ 4086pub songs,40,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    50OldiesRound The Moon And Back60s8Beat 4/ 415060NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    51OldiesSummertime Blues60s8Beat 4/ 415250NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    52OldiesAll I Have To Do Is Dream60s8Beat 4/ 410650,duetsNoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    53Easy ListeningMusic To Drive By60s8Beat 4/ 414860NoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    54Pop ClassicsFernando60s8Beat 4/ 411670,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    55Pop ClassicsHeart Of Gold60s8Beat 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    56Pop ClassicsYou've Got Your Troubles60s8Beat 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    57OldiesHeartbeat60s8Beat 4/ 413450,90,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    58OldiesIf I Had A Hammer60s8Beat 4/ 416060NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    59ClassicalOde To Joy60s8Beat 4/ 4114classicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    60All Time HitsLa Viva Mama60s8Beat 4/ 414860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    61Pop ClassicsMr. Tambourine Man60s8Beat 4/ 413060,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    62OldiesMonday Monday60s8Beat 4/ 412260,00,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    63OldiesHere ComesThatRainyDayFeeling60s8Beat 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    64All Time HitsI Can See Clearly Now60s8Beat 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    65OldiesGeorgy Girl60s8Beat 4/ 414060,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    66Modern PopMoonlight Shadow60s8Beat 4/ 413280,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    67Pop ClassicsBus Stop60s8Beat 4/ 413860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    68Pop ClassicsSeasons In The Sun60s8Beat 4/ 410870,90,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    69OldiesFoot Tapper60s8Beat 4/ 416460,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    70All Time HitsJanuary60s8Beat 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    71Easy ListeningA World Of Our Own60s8Beat 4/ 414060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    72Sing-alongsThis Land Is Your Land60s8Beat 4/ 416060,folk,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    73OldiesTurn Turn Turn60s8Beat 4/ 413060,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    74All Time HitsAmerican Pie60s8Beat 4/ 414070,00NoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    75OldiesSherry60s8Beat 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    76Easy ListeningMusic To Watch Girls By60s8Beat 4/ 414860,90,tvNoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    77OldiesI Only Want To Be With You60s8Beat 4/ 413460NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    78OldiesVenus In Blue Jeans60sGuitarPop 4/ 411260NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    79Modern PopFerry Cross The Mersey60sGuitarPop 4/ 411660,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    80OldiesDiana60sGuitarPop 4/ 413450NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    81All Time HitsBad To Me60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    82Pop ClassicsBobby's Girl60sGuitarPop 4/ 413660,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    83OldiesSilence Is Golden60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    84OldiesApache60sGuitarPop 4/ 412460,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    85All Time HitsWheels60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    86OldiesYou Got It60sGuitarPop 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    87OldiesThree Steps To Heaven60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    88All Time HitsAs Tears Go By60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    89LatinAmapola60sGuitarPop 4/ 413850NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    90All Time HitsDon't Throw Your Love Away60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    91OldiesPoetry In Motion60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    92All Time HitsDream Lover60sGuitarPop 4/ 412850NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    93All Time HitsWorld Without Love60sGuitarPop 4/ 411860,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    94All Time HitsThe Young Ones60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    95All Time HitsThe Crying Game60sGuitarPop 4/ 411460NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    96OldiesWonderful Land60sGuitarPop 4/ 412860,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    97OldiesPretty Woman60sGuitarPop 4/ 413460,90,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    98OldiesKon Tiki60sGuitarPop 4/ 413660NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    99OldiesNo Milk Today60sGuitarPop 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    100OldiesBreaking Up Is Hard To Do60sRock2 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    101Pop ClassicsDon't Go Breaking My Heart60sRock2 4/ 414270,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    102OldiesHey Tonight60sRock2 4/ 414270NoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    103Rock&RollPeggy Sue60sRock2 4/ 416450NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    104Pop ClassicsShe Loves You60sRock2 4/ 415260,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    105Screen ThemeSummer Nights60sRock2 4/ 413670,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    106Rock&RollTwist And Shout60sRock2 4/ 415660,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    107All Time HitsA Hard Day's Night 60sRock2 4/ 415460,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    108Rock&RollRoll Over Beethoven60sRock&Roll 4/ 418050NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    109Rock&RollGood Golly, Miss Molly60sRock&Roll 4/ 418450NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    110Rock&RollGreat Balls Of Fire60sRock&Roll 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    111Rock&RollRock And Roll Music60sRock&Roll 4/ 417650NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    112Pop ClassicsPut Your Hand In The Hand60sRock1 4/ 415070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    113All Time HitsI Want To Hold Your Hand60sRock1 4/ 413460,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    114Pop ClassicsSugar Baby Love60sRock1 4/ 413870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    115All Time HitsSomething Is Happening60sRock1 4/ 414060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    116Pop ClassicsIt's My Party60sRock1 4/ 414060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    117WorldHet Land Van Maas En Waal6-8March 6/ 8120HollandNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    118BalladBlue Eyes6-8Modern 6/ 807480,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    119BalladSaving All My Love For You6-8Modern 6/ 806880,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    120WorshipGreat Is The Lord6-8Modern 6/ 8064worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    121BalladVision Of Love6-8Modern 6/ 806490,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    122Pop ClassicsPerfect Day6-8Modern 6/ 806270,90,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    123InstrumentalsWonderland By Night6-8Orchestral 6/ 807260NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    124InstrumentalsDolannes Melodie6-8Orchestral 6/ 805670,panfluteNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    125Easy ListeningElvira Madigan6-8Orchestral 6/ 8062movie,classicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    126Easy ListeningElizabethan Serenade6-8Orchestral 6/ 806260NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    127Easy ListeningMorgens Um Sieben6-8Orchestral 6/ 806260NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    128InstrumentalsIl Silentio6-8Orchestral 6/ 806450,brassNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    129ClassicalNabucco6-8Orchestral 6/ 8062classical,slaves,operaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    130Screen ThemeTheme From A Summer Place6-8Orchestral 6/ 806260,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    131BalladThis Is My Song6-8Orchestral 6/ 806460,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    132OldiesIf I Can Dream6-8SlowRock1 6/ 806860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    133OldiesLooksLikeI'llNeverFallInLovAgain6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807460,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    134All Time HitsAll I See Is You6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807460,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    135OldiesPut Your Head On My Shoulder6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807250NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    136BalladYou're My World6-8SlowRock1 6/ 806860,ballad,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    137WorldSave Your Love6-8SlowRock1 6/ 8082HollandNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    138BalladNo Regrets6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807250,ballad,frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    139All Time HitsBeauty School Drop Out6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    140All Time HitsHouse Of The Rising Sun6-8SlowRock1 6/ 809060,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    141OldiesWhispering Grass6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807670,duets,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    142All Time HitsHopelessly Devoted To You6-8SlowRock1 6/ 807470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    143OldiesI'm Leaving It All Up To You6-8SlowRock2 6/ 808670,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    144OldiesBlueberry Hill6-8SlowRock2 6/ 809650NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    145OldiesWasted Days And Wasted Nights6-8SlowRock2 6/ 809070NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    146OldiesI Don'tKnowWhy I LoveYouBut I Do6-8SlowRock2 6/ 811050NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    147OldiesThe Great Pretender6-8SlowRock2 6/ 807650,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    148InstrumentalsVerde6-8SlowRock2 6/ 807090NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    149R&B/GospelI Can't Stop Loving You6-8SlowRock2 6/ 809260NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    150OldiesIt's Only Make Believe6-8SlowRock2 6/ 808260NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    151Easy ListeningRelease Me6-8SlowRock2 6/ 808260,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    152OldiesLove Letters In The Sand6-8SlowRock2 6/ 810650NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    153InstrumentalsSail Along Silvery Moon6-8SlowRock2 6/ 810650,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    154Sing-alongsAin't No Pleasing You6-8SlowRock2 6/ 810680,duets,englishNoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    155R&B/GospelEnd Of The Road6-8Soul 6/ 804890,ballad,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    156All Time HitsDaddy's Home6-8Soul 6/ 805460,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    157BalladIf You Don't Know Me By Now6-8Soul 6/ 803860,80,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    158BalladI'll Make Love To You6-8Soul 6/ 804890,ballad,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    159RockWe Are The Champions6-8Soul 6/ 806670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    160Pop ClassicsWhen I Need You6-8Soul 6/ 803870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    161R&B/GospelWhen A Man Loves A Woman6-8Soul 6/ 805660,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    162All Time HitsNights In White Satin6-8Soul 6/ 805260,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    163InstrumentalsOxygene6-8Trance 6/ 815670,tv,synthesizerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    164All Time HitsThese Boots Are Made For Walking70s8Beat 4/ 418260NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    165Pop ClassicsIt's Not Unusual70s8Beat 4/ 418260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    166OldiesKeep On Smiling70s8Beat 4/ 418250NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    167InstrumentalsSports Car Special70s8Beat 4/ 4182tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    168Pop ClassicsThe Swiss Maid70s8Beat 4/ 417860NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    169All Time HitsYeh Yeh70s8Beat 4/ 418260NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    170All Time HitsGood Looking Woman70s8Beat 4/ 418260NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    171Pop ClassicsHelp Yourself70s8Beat 4/ 418860NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    172Pop ClassicsRespect70sChartSoul 4/ 4108soulNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    173Pop ClassicsSigned, Sealed, Delivered70sChartSoul 4/ 4108soulNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    174DiscoNever Can Say Goodbye70sDisco1 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    175DiscoBlack Is Black70sDisco1 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    176DiscoI Will Survive70sDisco1 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    177DiscoIn The Navy70sDisco1 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    178DiscoDance Yourself Dizzy70sDisco1 4/ 413080NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    179DiscoDon't Leave Me This Way70sDisco1 4/ 412070,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    180DiscoYou'reTheFirstMyLastMyEverything70sDisco1 4/ 412670,90,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    181SchlagerEr Gehoehrt Zu Mir70sDisco1 4/ 4128germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    182DiscoYes Sir, I Can Boogie70sDisco1 4/ 412470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    183DiscoIf I Can't Have You70sDisco1 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    184DiscoAi No Corrida70sDisco1 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    185DiscoTragedy70sDisco1 4/ 412070,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    186DiscoYou Make Me Feel Mighty Real70sDisco1 4/ 412670,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    187Dance FloorCrying At The Discotheque70sDisco1 4/ 412880NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    188DiscoDo Ya Think I'm Sexy?70sDisco1 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    189DiscoHot Stuff70sDisco1 4/ 412470,90,movie,sheffieldNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    190R&B/GospelBaby Don't Change Your Mind70sDisco2 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    191DiscoDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood70sDisco2 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    192DiscoNever Knew Love Like This Before70sDisco2 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    193DiscoY.M.C.A.70sDisco2 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    194Pop ClassicsRock Your Baby70sDiscoFunk 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    195Pop ClassicsWe Are Family70sDiscoFunk 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    196Pop ClassicsFantasy70sDiscoFunk 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    197DiscoLe Freak70sDiscoFunk 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    198WorldViens a La Maison70sFrenchHit 4/ 4085france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    199WorldChanson Populaire70sFrenchHit 4/ 4085france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    200Easy ListeningI Won't Last A Day Without You70sPopBallad 4/ 407670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    201OldiesGoodbye To Love70sPopBallad 4/ 407070,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    202Easy ListeningRainy Days And Mondays70sPopBallad 4/ 407670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    203Easy ListeningYesterday Once More70sPopBallad 4/ 408270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    204Easy ListeningWe've Only Just Begun70sPopBallad 4/ 407670,duets,balladsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    205DiscoWhat A Difference A Day Makes70sTVTheme 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    206Modern PopCharlie's Angels70sTVTheme 4/ 412000,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    207All Time HitsBorn To Sing Forever70sTVTheme 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    208DiscoLoveboat70sTVTheme 4/ 411870,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    209Pop ClassicsTrue80sBoyBand 4/ 4098britishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    210Dance FloorBarbie Girl80sDisco 4/ 412690NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    211Modern PopEverything Changes80sDisco 4/ 412890,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    212Pop ClassicsLove In The First Degree80sDisco 4/ 412280NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    213Pop ClassicsVenus80sDisco 4/ 412670,80,holland,dutchNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    214DiscoFunky Town80sDisco 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    215DiscoRelight My Fire80sDisco 4/ 412490,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    216DiscoNever Gonna Give You Up80sDisco 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    217Modern PopRide On Time80sDisco 4/ 411800,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    218Screen ThemeArthur's Theme(BestThatYouCanDo)80sMovieBallad 4/ 406880,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    219SchlagerCapri Fischer8BeatAdria 4/ 411460,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    220LatinSpanish Eyes8BeatAdria 4/ 411260,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    221WorldArrivederci Roma8BeatAdria 4/ 411250,italianNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    222OldiesGoodbye My Love Goodbye8BeatAdria 4/ 410470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    223OldiesLonely Is A Man Without Love8BeatAdria 4/ 411460NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    224Easy ListeningMama8BeatAdria 4/ 4110balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    225WorldO Sole Mio8BeatAdria 4/ 4112traditional,italianNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    226Easy ListeningIf You Could Read My Mind8BeatBallad1 4/ 410670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    227LatinBlue Bossa8BeatBallad1 4/ 410250,bossa nova,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    228Pop ClassicsHeartbreaker8BeatBallad1 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    229BalladIf You Leave Me Now8BeatBallad1 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    230All Time HitsToo Much Heaven8BeatBallad1 4/ 409470,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    231Modern PopWords8BeatBallad1 4/ 409060,90,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    232Easy ListeningLove's Been Good To Me8BeatBallad1 4/ 410260NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    233Screen ThemeJust Good Friends8BeatBallad1 4/ 410680,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    234BalladKilling Me Softly With His Song8BeatBallad1 4/ 410070,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    235Easy ListeningSomething Stupid8BeatBallad1 4/ 410460,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    236All Time HitsNever Never Never8BeatBallad1 4/ 410060NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    237All Time HitsWe Have All The TimeIn The World8BeatBallad1 4/ 409660,90,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    238Party TimeLiving Next Door To Alice8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412870,90,pub songsNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    239Easy ListeningBy The Time I Get To Phoenix8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411660,countryNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    240OldiesCalifornia Blue8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    241All Time HitsI Just Called To Say I Love You8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411680NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    242Easy ListeningMississippi8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    243CountryTicket To Heaven8BeatGtrPop 4/ 4116american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    244CountryGreen Green Grass Of Home8BeatGtrPop 4/ 410260,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    245Pop ClassicsSilver Lady8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    246All Time HitsLady Madonna8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412060,liverpool,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    247All Time HitsIt's Now Or Never8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    248OldiesItNeverRainsInSouthernCalifornia8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    249SchlagerHimbeereis Zum Fruehstueck8BeatGtrPop 4/ 413080,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    250SchlagerEloisa8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412080,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    251Pop ClassicsSaturday In The Park8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    252OldiesSave The Last Dance For Me8BeatGtrPop 4/ 412060NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    253All Time HitsMassachusetts8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411060NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    254All Time HitsPilot Of The Airwaves8BeatGtrPop 4/ 410670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    255BalladBlue Bayou8BeatGtrPop 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    256ChristmasLast Christmas8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411680,christmas,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    257OldiesOne Way Wind8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411670,holland,dutchNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    258CountryBeautiful Body8BeatGtrPop 4/ 411670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    259All Time HitsSeven Tears8BeatModern 4/ 409280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    260BalladEternal Flame8BeatModern 4/ 408280,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    261BalladCherish8BeatModern 4/ 409880NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    262All Time HitsAnyone Of Us8BeatModern 4/ 410800,idolNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    263Pop ClassicsDo That To Me One More Time8BeatModern 4/ 409670,duets,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    264Pop BalladsEvery Time You Go Away8BeatModern 4/ 408280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    265Modern PopFields Of Gold8BeatModern 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    266Modern PopBig Big World8BeatModern 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    267Screen ThemeEastenders8BeatModern 4/ 4102tv,soapsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    268Pop ClassicsI'll Sail That Ship Alone8BeatModern 4/ 409680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    269Pop BalladsAnother Day In Paradise8BeatModern 4/ 410280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    270DiscoCanned Heat90sDisco 4/ 412690NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    271DiscoLove Is In The Air90sDisco 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    272R&B/GospelFor Once In My Life90sDisco 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    273DiscoSunny90sDisco 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    274DiscoRing My Bell90sDisco 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    275RockSweet Home Alabama90sGuitarPop 4/ 410270NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    276WorshipI Could Sing Of Your LoveForever90sGuitarPop 4/ 4092worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    277Pop ClassicsA Little Time90sGuitarPop 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    278Modern PopTorn90sGuitarPop 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    279Modern PopLife90sGuitarPop 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    280Modern PopLove Shine A Light90sGuitarPop 4/ 409400,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    281Pop ClassicsBig Yellow Taxi90sGuitarPop 4/ 409200,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    282BalladTrue Colours90sGuitarPop 4/ 409480,tv,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    283Easy ListeningBetty Grable9-8Waltz 3/ 409270,piano,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    284All Time HitsWith You I'm Born Again9-8Waltz 3/ 408870,duets,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    285Screen ThemeSons And Daughters9-8Waltz 3/ 410880,tv,soapsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    286OldiesThe Last Waltz9-8Waltz 3/ 410060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    287WaltzTry To Remember9-8Waltz 3/ 410070,waltz,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    288CountryThere Goes My Everything9-8Waltz 3/ 4096american,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    289CountrySomewhere Between9-8Waltz 3/ 4100dutch,holland,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    290SwingMr. Bojangles9-8Waltz 3/ 411850NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    291ShowtimeSunrise, Sunset9-8Waltz 3/ 410260,movie,musical,fiddlerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    292OldiesAre You Lonesome Tonight9-8Waltz 3/ 408660NoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    293All Time HitsMorning Has BrokenAcousticBallad 3/ 415870,traditional,hymnsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    294Modern PopRunawayAcousticBallad 3/ 416090,ballad,irishNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    295Pop ClassicsHappy Xmas War Is OverAcousticBallad 3/ 415480NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    296JazzLullaby Of BirdlandAcousticJazz 4/ 415250,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    297SwingAll Of MeAcousticJazz 4/ 416640,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    298JazzRoute 66AcousticJazz 4/ 416040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    299SwingICan'tGiveYouAnythingButLoveAcousticJazz 4/ 416220,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    300JazzMack The KnifeAcousticJazz 4/ 416450,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    301SwingPaper MoonAcousticJazz 4/ 416030,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    302JazzA Fine RomanceAcousticJazz 4/ 416650,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    303JazzSoftly As In A Morning SunriseAcousticJazz 4/ 417220NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    304SwingWhen You SmileAcousticJazz 4/ 413870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    305RockDriveAcousticRock 4/ 4090usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    306JazzCaravanAfroCuban 4/ 420030NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    307JazzOn Green Dolphin StreetAfroCuban 4/ 420850,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    308JazzA Night In TunisiaAfroCuban 4/ 420040NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    309SchlagerAn A Wunder Hab' I GlaubtAlpBallad1 6/ 8064schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    310WaltzDie Kleine KneipeAlpBallad1 6/ 8058germany,holland,dutch,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    311WaltzHerzileinAlpBallad1 6/ 8064germany,pub songs,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    312SchlagerCiao D'AmoreAlpBallad2 6/ 805890NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    313SchlagerGrosse Kleine MannAlpRock 4/ 4098german, schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    314Pop BalladsI Believe I Can FlyAnalogBallad 4/ 406690NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    315Modern PopZip A Dee Doo DahAniFantasy 4/ 412800,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    316Modern PopGive A Little WhistleAniFantasy 4/ 411800,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    317FamilyIt's A Small WorldAniFantasy 4/ 4128childrens,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    318Modern PopI've Got No StringsAniFantasy 4/ 412200,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    319Modern PopBaroque HoedownAniFantasy 4/ 412800,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    320Modern PopHeigh HoAniFantasy 4/ 412800,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    321Pop ClassicsPuppet On A StringAniFantasy 4/ 412860,euro,englishNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    322Screen ThemeA Spoonful Of SugarAniFantasy 4/ 412860,musicals,movie,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    323Modern PopWhistle While You WorkAniFantasy 4/ 412800,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    324LatinTengo un CorazonBachata 4/ 4116ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    325March & PolkaRoll Out The BarrelBandaPolka 4/ 412020,music hallNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    326FamilyDo Smurfs Cry?BandaVals 3/ 419670,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    327ClassicalAir On The G StringBaroqueAir 4/ 4069baroque, orchestralNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    328ClassicalBrandenburg ConcertosBaroqueConcerto 4/ 4088baroque, orchestralNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    329JazzFour BrothersBebop 4/ 424070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    330JazzThe PreacherBebop 4/ 421650NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    331LatinBanana Boat SongBeguine 4/ 411450NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    332TraditionalAve Maria No MorroBeguine 4/ 411460,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    333LatinFrenesiBeguine 4/ 411240NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    334BallroomSouth Of The BorderBeguine 4/ 411250,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    335Easy ListeningReturn To MeBeguine 4/ 412050NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    336LatinBegin The BeguineBeguine 4/ 411630,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    337BalladStranger In ParadiseBeguine 4/ 411650,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    338Easy ListeningThe Breeze And IBeguine 4/ 411840NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    339LatinPerhaps Perhaps PerhapsBeguine 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    340BigBandTake The A TrainBigBandFast1 4/ 418040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    341BigBandStrike Up The BandBigBandFast1 4/ 418830,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    342BigBandBoogie Woogie Bugle BoyBigBandFast1 4/ 418440NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    343JazzCherokeeBigBandFast1 4/ 420030,50NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    344SwingCheek To CheekBigBandFast1 4/ 418030,90,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    345SwingIt Don't Mean A ThingBigBandFast1 4/ 420430,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    346BallroomLet's Face The Music And DanceBigBandFast1 4/ 420030,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    347BigBandOpus OneBigBandFast1 4/ 418040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    348BigBandIn The MoodBigBandFast1 4/ 418030,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    349SwingJeepers CreepersBigBandFast1 4/ 419250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    350SwingI Love ParisBigBandFast1 4/ 418050,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    351BigBandSkylinerBigBandFast1 4/ 418840,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    352BigBandLittle Brown JugBigBandFast1 4/ 418430,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    353BigBandJumpin' At The WoodsideBigBandFast1 4/ 422030NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    354BigBandChattanooga Choo ChooBigBandFast1 4/ 418230,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    355BigBandDon't Sit Under The Apple TreeBigBandFast1 4/ 418040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    356BigBandWoodchoppers BallBigBandFast1 4/ 419230,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    357BigBandAmerican PatrolBigBandFast2 4/ 418630,40NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    358BigBandIf I Were A BellBigBandFast2 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    359Screen ThemeTop Hat White Tie And TailsBigBandFast2 4/ 419030,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    360BigBandBlow Blow Thou Winter WindBigBandFast2 4/ 419430NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    361SwingYou're The Cream In My CoffeeBigBandFast2 4/ 418620,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    362Dance FloorMambo No. 5BigBandMambo 4/ 409850,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    363LatinTequilaBigBandMambo 4/ 410250,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    364SwingAlley CatBigBandMed1 4/ 413260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    365BigBandPoinciana (Song Of The Tree)BigBandMed1 4/ 413040NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    366BigBandSplankyBigBandMed1 4/ 412850,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    367BigBandOn The Street Where You LiveBigBandMed1 4/ 413060,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    368BigBandPennsylvania 6_5000BigBandMed2 4/ 414830NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    369BigBandJersey BounceBigBandMed2 4/ 413040NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    370BigBandSatin DollBigBandMed2 4/ 412050,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    371BigBandStomping At The SavoyBigBandMed2 4/ 413240,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    372BigBandString Of PearlsBigBandMed2 4/ 412830,40NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    373BigBandBut Not For MeBigBandMed2 4/ 411850NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    374LatinCongaBigBandSalsa 4/ 411480NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    375BallroomI Love You And Don't YouForgetItBigBandSamba 4/ 411260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    376LatinPedro The Green CockatooBigBandSamba 4/ 4118latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    377LatinLondon Is The Place For MeBigBandSamba 4/ 411450NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    378LatinSamba De OrfeuBigBandSamba 4/ 411050,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    379LatinPeanut VendorBigBandSamba 4/ 411050NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    380BallroomBrazilBigBandSamba 4/ 411440,latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    381OldiesThe Coffee SongBigBandSamba 4/ 411450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    382BigBandBad, Bad Leroy BrownBigBandShuffle1 4/ 415870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    383Pop ClassicsWalk Between The RaindropsBigBandShuffle1 4/ 416480NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    384OldiesLucky LipsBigBandShuffle1 4/ 415460NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    385OldiesLiving DollBigBandShuffle1 4/ 413860NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    386Pop ClassicsWhy Do Fools Fall In LoveBigBandShuffle1 4/ 415860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    387All Time HitsBut I DoBlueberryBlues 6/ 811440NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    388R&B/GospelWhat A Friend We Have In JesusBlueberryBlues 6/ 8076worshipNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    389CountryCountry BoyBluegrass1 2/ 415070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    390CountryBonanzaBluegrass1 2/ 414260,western,tv,cowboy,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    391Sing-alongsDeep In The Heart Of TexasBluegrass1 2/ 4126traditional,americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    392OldiesSomething 'Bout You Baby I LikeBluegrass1 2/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    393CountrySing Me An Old Fashioned SongBluegrass1 2/ 411070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    394Sing-alongsOh SusannaBluegrass1 2/ 4128traditional,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    395CountryOrange Blossom SpecialBluegrass1 2/ 4144american,cowboy,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    396CountryRocky Top TennesseeBluegrass1 2/ 414670NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    397CountryGhost Riders In The SkyBluegrass1 2/ 4120american,cowboy,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    398InstrumentalsYakety SaxBluegrass1 2/ 414060,tv,saxophone,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    399Pop ClassicsMustang SallyBluesRock 4/ 412060,90,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    400R&B/GospelUnchain My HeartBluesRock 4/ 412660,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    401WorldMargrieteBoleroLento 4/ 4082HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    402WorldQuando Calliente El SolBoleroLento 4/ 4108latin,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    403LatinBomba Mi TierraBomba 4/ 4099ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    404LatinPicture Of YouBossaNova1 4/ 4118latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    405TraditionalOnward Christian SoldiersBrassBand 4/ 4120salvation, bandNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    406ClassicalFloral DanceBrassBand 4/ 4120salvation, bandNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    407LatinOne Note SambaBrazilianSamba 4/ 409660,piano,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    408LatinMas Que NadaBrazilianSamba 4/ 410460,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    409Modern PopDon't Look Back In AngerBritPop 4/ 408690NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    410Modern PopDriftwoodBritPop 4/ 408600NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    411Modern PopWonderwallBritPop 4/ 4096brit,00NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    412Modern PopDon't Marry HerBritPop 4/ 409690NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    413All Time HitsElenoreBritPopSwing 4/ 411860NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    414Modern PopWhy Does It Always Rain On MeBritPopSwing 4/ 411000NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    415Pop ClassicsPenny LaneBritPopSwing 4/ 411260,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    416All Time HitsYellow SubmarineBritPopSwing 4/ 411460,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    417All Time HitsMichelleBritPopSwing 4/ 411260,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    418All Time HitsLove Me DoBritPopSwing 4/ 412660,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    419All Time HitsFlowers In The RainBritPopSwing 4/ 411260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    420Modern PopDeeply DippyBritPopSwing 4/ 4118brit,00NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    421Pop ClassicsSunny AfternoonBritPopSwing 4/ 412060NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    422Modern PopA Thing Called LoveBritPopSwing 4/ 4118brit,00NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    423Pop ClassicsHappy TogetherBritPopSwing 4/ 412260NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    424Pop ClassicsWith A LittleHelp FromMy FriendsBritPopSwing 4/ 411260,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    425Modern PopAll You Need Is LoveBritPopSwing 4/ 4118brit,00NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    426ShowtimeMusic Of The NightBroadwayBld 4/ 406480,musical,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    427ShowtimeAll I Ask Of YouBroadwayBld 4/ 405880,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    428ShowtimeBring Him HomeBroadwayBld 4/ 406080,ballad,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    429Screen ThemeLooking Through The Eyes Of LoveBroadwayBld 4/ 406870,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    430ShowtimeI Dreamed A DreamBroadwayBld 4/ 406680,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    431BalladPeopleBroadwayBld 4/ 407260NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    432BalladI Know Him So WellBroadwayBld 4/ 406480,ballad,duets,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    433ShowtimeOn My OwnBroadwayBld 4/ 406080,ballad,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    434Screen ThemeLove Theme From The Godfather BroadwayBld 4/ 406870,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    435Screen ThemeSomewhereBroadwayBld 4/ 406660,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    436OldiesUptown GirlBubblegumPop 4/ 411850NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    437OldiesDowntownBubblegumPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    438OldiesAnd Then He Kissed MeBubblegumPop 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    439Pop ClassicsSloop John BBubblegumPop 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    440All Time HitsCara MiaBubblegumPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    441OldiesBe My BabyBubblegumPop 4/ 412860,detroitNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    442Pop ClassicsHere ComesThatRainyDayFeelingBubblegumPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    443All Time HitsTicket To RideBubblegumPop 4/ 412860,70,duets,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    444OldiesYou've Lost That Lovin' FeelingBubblegumPop 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    445OldiesLeader Of The PackBubblegumPop 4/ 412860,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    446All Time HitsThe Sun Ain'tGonna Shine AnymoreBubblegumPop 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    447Pop ClassicsOut Of TimeBubblegumPop 4/ 412260NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    448OldiesWill You Love Me TomorrowBubblegumPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    449Pop ClassicsTwenty-Four Hours From TulsaBubblegumPop 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    450LatinCalypso SweetheartCalypso 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    451LatinGive A Little LoveCaribbean 4/ 409670NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    452WorshipCry Of My HeartCaribbean 4/ 4090worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    453LatinPina Colada SongCaribbeanRock 4/ 413860,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    454All Time HitsMargaritavilleCaribbeanRock 4/ 413870NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    455Party TimeBig BambooCarnival 4/ 4112latin,pub songsNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    456SchlagerViva La MexicoCarnival 4/ 4118germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    457OldiesMarinaCarnival 4/ 4112italianNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    458WorldHungarian DanceCasatschock 4/ 4136traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    459InstrumentalsFiredanceCelticDance 4/ 4119irish, showNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    460Modern PopDreamsCelticTrance 4/ 4121irishNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    461LatinCherry Pink & Apple BlossomWhiteChaCha 4/ 412850,trumpetNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    462Pop ClassicsOn BroadwayChaCha 4/ 412860,detroitNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    463LatinIn A Little Spanish TownChaCha 4/ 4132spain,spanish,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    464BallroomNever On A SundayChaCha 4/ 412860,greekNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    465LatinPatriciaChaCha 4/ 413250NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    466BallroomCocktails For TwoChaCha 4/ 412840,latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    467SwingCharlestonCharleston 4/ 420620,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    468InstrumentalsPoor People Of ParisCharleston 4/ 420650NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    469Modern PopEvergreenChartBallad 4/ 407400NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    470Pop BalladsSay GoodbyeChartBallad 4/ 406800NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    471Modern PopHeroChartBallad 4/ 407600NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    472BalladYou Are EverythingChartBallad 4/ 406670,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    473BalladHave You EverChartBallad 4/ 406800NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    474Modern PopImaginingChartBallad 4/ 406200NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    475WorshipI Stand In AweChartBallad 4/ 4072worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    476BalladNever Had A Dream Come TrueChartBallad 4/ 406200NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    477BalladDon't Say You Love MeChartBallad 4/ 406890,ballad,ireland,irishNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    478Modern PopFrom Sarah With LoveChartBallad 4/ 406000NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    479Modern PopWhole AgainChartPop1 4/ 4096pop,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    480All Time HitsThe Tide Is HighChartPop1 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    481Modern PopEvery Little ThingChartPop2 4/ 409600,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    482Modern PopIf You Were My ManChartPop2 4/ 410000,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    483Modern PopAin't That Just The WayChartPop2 4/ 409290NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    484Modern PopShutupTrancePop 4/ 4113popNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    485InstrumentalsAdagio For StringsChillout1 4/ 408000,chilloutNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    486ClassicalCanonChillout1 4/ 4074classical,baroque,tv,woolNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    487InstrumentalsPavane Pour Une Infante DefunteChillout1 4/ 407200,chilloutNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    488Screen ThemeRain ManChillout1 4/ 408080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    489ClassicalAir On The G StringChillout1 4/ 4068baroque,tv,classical,cigarsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    490Pop BalladsFragileChillout2 4/ 4086ballad,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    491All Time HitsJesus To A ChildChillout2 4/ 408490,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    492ChristmasJingle BellsChristmasSwing1 4/ 4194christmas,traditional,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    493ChristmasRudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerChristmasSwing1 4/ 4164christmas,childrens,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    494ChristmasSleigh RideChristmasSwing2 4/ 4184instrumentalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    495ChristmasSilent NightChristmasWaltz 3/ 4088christmasNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    496SwingDon't Get Around Much AnymoreClassicBigBand 4/ 412640,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    497BigBandApril In ParisClassicBigBand 4/ 412050NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    498BigBandShiny StockingsClassicBigBand 4/ 412250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    499BigBandBirth Of The BluesClassicBigBand 4/ 411650,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    500BigBandCorner PocketClassicBigBand 4/ 412050NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    501JazzThey Cant Take That Away From MeClassicBigBand 4/ 412640,50,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    502BigBandHot ToddyClassicBigBand 4/ 412040NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    503Easy ListeningTeach Me TonightClassicBigBand 4/ 412040NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    504SwingWhat Now My LoveClassicBigBand 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    505SwingMakin' WhoopeeClassicBigBand 4/ 411640NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    506BigBandChicagoClassicBigBand 4/ 414650,american,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    507Modern PopAll RiseClassicHipHop 4/ 409400,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    508Modern PopDreamloverClassicHipHop 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    509Modern PopThat's The Way Love GoesClassicHipHop 4/ 409890NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    510Modern PopFamily AffairClassicHipHop 4/ 409400NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    511TraditionalAbide With MeClassicPianoBld 4/ 4072hymns,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    512ClassicalForgotten DreamsClassicPianoBld 4/ 4060classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    513Sing-alongsDanny BoyClassicPianoBld 4/ 4066traditional,irish,irelandNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    514ClassicalPathetique SymphonyClassicPianoBld 4/ 4066classic,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    515ClassicalSwan LakeClassicPianoBld 4/ 4066classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    516ClassicalGoin' Home (New World Symphony)ClassicPianoBld 4/ 4060classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    517Easy ListeningYou Don't Bring Me FlowersClassicPianoBld 4/ 406270,ballads,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    518ClassicalSolvieg's SongClassicPianoBld 4/ 4066classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    519ClassicalMelody in FClassicPianoBld 4/ 4064classicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    520ClassicalAir On The G StringClassicPianoBld 4/ 4068baroque,tv,classical,cigarsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    521Easy ListeningWhatAreYouDoingTheRestOfYourLifeClassicPianoBld 4/ 406660,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    522ClassicalA Comme AmoreClassicPianoBld 4/ 4064classic,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    523BalladBright EyesClassicPianoBld 4/ 406070,movie,childrensNoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    524Pop BalladsDo You KnowWhereYou'reGoing ToClassicPianoBld 4/ 406670,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    525Dance FloorGo WestClubdance2 4/ 412870,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    526Modern PopOn The RadioClubdance2 4/ 413200NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    527Dance FloorStrong EnoughClubdance2 4/ 412890NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    528Dance FloorIt's A SinClubdance2 4/ 413480NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    529DiscoYou're My Heart, You're My SoulClubdance2 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    530Dance FloorSundownerClubHouse 4/ 411800NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    531WorldBanger HartClubHouse 4/ 4124HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    532Dance FloorMore More MoreClubHouse 4/ 412200,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    533Rock&RollBad Moon RisingCntrySing-a-long 4/ 417860,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    534CountryBlanket On The GroundCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4178americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    535OldiesSinging The BluesCntrySing-a-long 4/ 413450NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    536CountryWanderin' StarCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4114americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    537CountryCrystal ChandeliersCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4134american,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    538CountryYour Cheatin' HeartCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4128american,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    539Sing-alongsCongratulationsCntrySing-a-long 4/ 418460,euro,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    540SchlagerIch Zahle Taglich Meine SorgenCntrySing-a-long 4/ 417270,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    541CountryRing Of FireCntrySing-a-long 4/ 418870,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    542CountryDear Hearts & Gentle PeopleCntrySing-a-long 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    543CountryHeartaches by the NumbersCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4146americanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    544SchlagerLiebeskummer Lohnt Sich Nicht CntrySing-a-long 4/ 418060,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    545CountryJambalayaCntrySing-a-long 4/ 417850,70NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    546Easy ListeningLook What They've DoneToMySongMaCntrySing-a-long 4/ 414270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    547CountryHelp Me Make ItThruThe NightCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4166americanNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    548WorldWhen We Are TogetherCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4184HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    549CountryTurn Your Radio OnCntrySing-a-long 4/ 416070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    550CountryA Thing Called LoveCntrySing-a-long 4/ 415670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    551WorldDaar Bij De WaterkantCntrySing-a-long 4/ 4180HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    552R&B/GospelGreen Back Dollar BillComboBoogie 4/ 416660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    553Rock&RollSpeedy GonzalesComboTwist 4/ 416060,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    554Pop ClassicsOne Of UsContempPopBld 4/ 407680,ballad,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    555BalladLatelyContempPopBld 4/ 407680,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    556WorshipThe Family Prayer SongContempPopBld 4/ 4068worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    557Pop BalladsLady In RedContempPopBld 4/ 407880,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    558All Time HitsHotel CaliforniaContempPopBld 4/ 407670,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    559Modern PopSenza Una DonnaContempPopBld 4/ 407880NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    560RockRespectContempRock 4/ 4126usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    561RockI Want To Break FreeContempRock 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    562Modern PopBeautifulContempRockBld 4/ 4072america, girlNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    563RockI'm Here Without YouContempRockBld 4/ 4072usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    564OldiesThe Air That I BreatheCool8Beat 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    565BalladWomanCool8Beat 4/ 409480,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    566SchlagerHow Deep Is Your LoveCool8Beat 4/ 410070,90,boy bands,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    567BalladI'll Be ThereCool8Beat 4/ 409270,90,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    568Pop BalladsNo Matter WhatCool8Beat 4/ 410090,boy band,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    569BalladMy Special PrayerCool8Beat 4/ 410060,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    570Pop ClassicsTwo Out Of Three Ain't BadCool8Beat 4/ 409880NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    571SchlagerWhere Is The Love?Cool8Beat 4/ 410070,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    572R&B/GospelWhen Will I See You AgainCool8Beat 4/ 410870,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    573JazzMistyCoolJazzBallad 4/ 407050NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    574JazzHere's That Rainy DayCoolJazzBallad 4/ 407050,60,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    575JazzAutumn LeavesCoolJazzBallad 4/ 407450,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    576JazzMidnight SunCoolJazzBallad 4/ 407850NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    577JazzStormy WeatherCoolJazzBallad 4/ 407040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    578CountryOn The Road AgainCountry2-4 2/ 411070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    579CountrySome Broken Hearts Never MendCountry2-4 2/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    580CountryCoward Of The CountyCountry2-4 2/ 409470NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    581CountryRhinestone CowboyCountry8Beat1 4/ 4116american,cowboy,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    582SchlagerImmer Wieder SonnstagsCountry8Beat1 4/ 417070,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    583CountryBefore The Next Teardrop FallsCountry8Beat1 4/ 409870NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    584CountryGalvestonCountry8Beat1 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    585OldiesRose GardenCountry8Beat1 4/ 413670NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    586Easy ListeningThere's A Kind Of HushCountry8Beat1 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    587Pop ClassicsI Have A DreamCountry8Beat1 4/ 410680,00,boy bands,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    588Easy ListeningTop Of The WorldCountry8Beat1 4/ 409670,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    589CountryMost Beautiful Girl In The WorldCountry8Beat1 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    590Pop ClassicsLyin' EyesCountry8Beat1 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    591CountryBreatheCountryBallad 4/ 407290NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    592CountryAlways On My MindCountryBallad 4/ 407270,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    593CountryA Little Bit MoreCountryBallad 4/ 408470,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    594CountrySylvia's MotherCountryBallad 4/ 407670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    595OldiesIn The GhettoCountryBallad 4/ 408260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    596CountryLet Your Love FlowCountryBrothers 4/ 411670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    597R&B/GospelListen To The MusicCountryBrothers 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    598RockLong Train Runnin'CountryBrothers 4/ 411670NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    599CountryChattahoochieCountryHits 4/ 417890,line dancingNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    600CountryAll I Ever Need Is YouCountryHits 4/ 418070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    601CountryOh, Lonesome MeCountryHits 4/ 4186americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    602Modern PopWalk Of LifeCountryHits 4/ 417680NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    603CountryDriving My Life AwayCountryHits 4/ 417070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    604CountryHillbilly RockCountryHits 4/ 418090,tv,soaps,yorkshireNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    605CountryHello Mary LouCountryPop1 4/ 417860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    606CountryTake Me Home, Country RoadsCountryPop1 4/ 415470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    607CountryWhat I've Got In MindCountryPop1 4/ 414470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    608All Time HitsLove Me TenderCountryPop1 4/ 408850,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    609Pop ClassicsNew Kid In TownCountryPop1 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    610Pop ClassicsCracklin' RosieCountryPop1 4/ 413870NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    611CountryMarrakesh ExpressCountryPop1 4/ 418070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    612CountryAchy Breaky HeartCountryRock 4/ 413090,line dancingNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    613Pop ClassicsI'm Gonna Knock On Your DoorCountryRock 4/ 412470NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    614CountryFriends In Low PlacesCountryRock 4/ 411490NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    615CountryTotal Eclipse Of The HeartCountryRockBld 4/ 4068usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    616All Time HitsLet It BeCountryRockBld 4/ 4069liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    617CountryJust Like Jesse JamesCountryRockBld 4/ 4068usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    618OldiesNight They Drove Old Dixie DownCountryShuffle 4/ 412660,folkNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    619CountryI Fall To PiecesCountryShuffle 4/ 4114american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    620Pop ClassicsSummer HolidayCountryShuffle 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    621OldiesOnly SixteenCountryShuffle 4/ 411650NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    622Easy ListeningRaindropsKeepFallingOnMyHeadCountryShuffle 4/ 411670,movie,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    623CountryKing Of The RoadCountryShuffle 4/ 4126american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    624OldiesSend Me The PillowThatYouDreamOnCountryShuffle 4/ 412650NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    625OldiesRamonaCountryShuffle 4/ 414050NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    626OldiesWalk Right BackCountryShuffle 4/ 414660NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    627All Time HitsBrand New KeyCountrySwing1 4/ 415070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    628TraditionalKumbayaCountrySwing1 4/ 4130traditional,childrens,folkNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    629CountryStagger LeeCountrySwing1 4/ 412650NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    630TraditionalWaltzing MatildaCountrySwing1 4/ 411260,traditional,australianNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    631All Time HitsBrand New Combine HarvesterCountrySwing1 4/ 415070,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    632OldiesThe Story Of My LifeCountrySwing1 4/ 414450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    633CountryWelcome To My WorldCountrySwing1 4/ 4090american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    634TraditionalOld Folks At HomeCountrySwing1 4/ 4168traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    635CountryStand By Your ManCountrySwing1 4/ 411860,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    636CountryD.I.V.O.R.C.E.CountrySwing2 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    637CountryBehind Closed DoorsCountrySwing2 4/ 408470NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    638Easy ListeningI'd Like To Teach TheWorldToSingCountrySwing2 4/ 415270,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    639CountryThe Banks Of The OhioCountrySwing2 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    640Easy ListeningSong Sung BlueCountrySwing2 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    641Sing-alongsI'veBeenWorkingOnTheRailroadCountrySwing2 4/ 4132childrens,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    642CountryHey Good Lookin'CountryTwoStep 4/ 4130americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    643CountryHonky Tonk BluesCountryTwoStep 4/ 4132american,piano,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    644Pop ClassicsPiano ManCountryWaltz 3/ 415270,piano,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    645Sing-alongsMy Darling ClementineCountryWaltz 3/ 4118traditional,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    646CountryMama Don't Let Your BabiesCountryWaltz 3/ 4132american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    647BallroomHe'll Have To GoCountryWaltz 3/ 409050,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    648CountryLucilleCountryWaltz 3/ 414470,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    649CountryHome On The RangeCountryWaltz 3/ 4122traditional,cowboy,westernNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    650Sing-alongsOn Top Of Old SmokeyCountryWaltz 3/ 4164traditional,childrens,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    651OldiesOne Day At A TimeCountryWaltz 3/ 414470NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    652CountryTennessee WaltzCountryWaltz 3/ 411050,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    653Rock&RollAt The HopCrocoTwist 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    654Rock&RollCrocodile RockCrocoTwist 4/ 417670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    655Rock&RollDo You Wanna Dance?CrocoTwist 4/ 417050NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    656Rock&RollRed River RockCrocoTwist 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    657OldiesRunawayCrocoTwist 4/ 417660,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    658OldiesSurfin' USACrocoTwist 4/ 416260,surfingNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    659Rock&RollRed River ValleyCrocoTwist 4/ 417650NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    660LatinCandelaCubanSon 4/ 4191ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    661LatinLos Caminos de la VidaCubanSon 4/ 4142ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    662LatinLa PiraguaCumbia 4/ 4168ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    663LatinBesame MuchoDanzon 4/ 4112ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    664Modern PopWalking On SunshineDetroitPop1 4/ 419480NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    665Pop ClassicsI'm Still StandingDetroitPop1 4/ 418280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    666R&B/GospelI'm So ExcitedDetroitPop1 4/ 418280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    667Rock&RollYou Can't Hurry LoveDetroitPop1 4/ 417860,80,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    668WorshipEverything I AmDetroitPop1 4/ 4150worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    669RockI Want You To Want MeDetroitPop1 4/ 418670NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    670Modern PopPart Time LoverDetroitPop1 4/ 418080NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    671WorldJust Say HelloDetroitPop1 4/ 4182HollandNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    672Modern PopReach For The StarsDetroitPop1 4/ 416800NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    673Modern PopTell Her About ItDetroitPop1 4/ 417480NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    674Screen ThemeYou're The One That I WantDetroitPop1 4/ 419270,duets,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    675OldiesDaydream BelieverDetroitPop2 4/ 413660NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    676All Time HitsBuild Me Up ButtercupDetroitPop2 4/ 413860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    677Pop ClassicsMinute By MinuteDetroitPop2 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    678Modern PopAlways Have, Always WillDetroitPop2 4/ 415090NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    679R&B/GospelHeat WaveDetroitPop2 4/ 415260,detroitNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    680Pop ClassicsMy Boy LollipopDetroitPop2 4/ 413860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    681R&B/GospelChain ReactionDetroitPop2 4/ 413880NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    682All Time HitsGive Me Just A Little More TimeDetroitPop2 4/ 413270NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    683R&B/GospelBaby LoveDetroitPop2 4/ 415060,detroitNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    684R&B/GospelWhere Did Our Love Go?DetroitPop2 4/ 414060,detroitNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    685OldiesMy GuyDetroitPop2 4/ 412860,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    686DiscoBlame It On The BoogieDiscoChocolate 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    687R&B/GospelYou Sexy ThingDiscoChocolate 4/ 410670,90,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    688DiscoLost In MusicDiscoChocolate 4/ 410470NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    689DiscoCelebrationDiscoChocolate 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    690DiscoShake Your BootyDiscoChocolate 4/ 411070NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    691SchlagerDer Kleine Floh In Meinem HerzenDiscoFox 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    692SchlagerBis In Alle EwigkeitDiscoFox 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    693DiscoLooking For FreedomDiscoFox 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    694OldiesWords Don't Come EasyDiscoFox 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    695Party TimeAgadooDiscoHands 4/ 412480NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    696OldiesAzurroDiscoHands 4/ 412260NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    697DiscoRivers Of BabylonDiscoHands 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    698DiscoBrown Girl In The RingDiscoHands 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    699OldiesComment Ca VaDiscoHands 4/ 412680,holland,dutchNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    700DiscoD.I.S.C.O.DiscoHands 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    701Party TimeHands UpDiscoHands 4/ 412480NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    702All Time HitsHooray! It's A Holi-HolidayDiscoHands 4/ 411070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    703LatinSun Of JamaicaDiscoHands 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    704DiscoDschinghis KhanDiscoHands 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    705Party TimeBrother LouieDiscoHands 4/ 412280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    706Party TimeAtmosphereDiscoHands 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    707ChristmasMary's Boy ChildDiscoHands 4/ 412050NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    708DiscoDaddy CoolDiscoHouse 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    709Screen ThemeFlashdance...What A FeelingDiscoHouse 4/ 412480,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    710DiscoMa BakerDiscoHouse 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    711DiscoRasputinDiscoHouse 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    712Dance FloorMoving On UpDiscoHouse 4/ 4126dance,90,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    713DiscoThe HustleDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    714DiscoI Love To LoveDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    715Modern PopIt's Only LoveDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    716DiscoNative New YorkerDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    717DiscoThe Sound Of PhiladelphiaDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    718DiscoDancing QueenDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410470,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    719DiscoLove's ThemeDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    720DiscoUse It Up And Wear It OutDiscoPhilly1 4/ 411080NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    721Pop ClassicsCan't Get By Without YouDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    722DiscoYou To Me Are EverythingDiscoPhilly1 4/ 410270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    723Dance FloorHey BabyDiscoTeens 4/ 414280NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    724All Time HitsI Wanna Be A HippyDiscoTeens 4/ 416200NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    725Dance FloorIt's A SinDiscoTeens 4/ 413480NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    726Pop ClassicsCheeky SongDiscoTeens 4/ 413800NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    727Pop ClassicsMamma MiaDiscoTeens 4/ 413470,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    728Dance FloorGet The Party StartedDiscoTeens 4/ 413600NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    729Dance FloorForever In LoveDiscoTeens 4/ 413800,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    730Sing-alongsWhen I'm Cleaning WindowsDixieland1 4/ 421640,ukulele,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    731OrganistOrgan HoedownDixieland1 4/ 4224organNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    732SwingIce CreamDixieland1 4/ 422050NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    733WorldMidnight In MoscowDixieland1 4/ 421060,russianNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    734JazzClarinet MarmaladeDixieland1 4/ 422420NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    735JazzSouth Rampart Street ParadeDixieland1 4/ 422420NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    736TraditionalWhen The Saints Go Marching InDixieland1 4/ 4220traditional,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    737ShowtimeMusic Music MusicDixieland2 4/ 421450,nickelodeonNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    738JazzI Got RhythmDixieland2 4/ 420630,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    739JazzPasadenaDixieland2 4/ 421060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    740R&B/GospelDown By The RiversideDixieland2 4/ 4206traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    741SwingAlexander's Ragtime BandDixieland2 4/ 422020,dixieland,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    742SwingTiger RagDixieland2 4/ 423830NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    743SwingFive Foot TwoDixieland2 4/ 422020,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    744JazzWild Cat BluesDixieland2 4/ 422020,50NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    745SwingYes Sir, That's My BabyDixieland2 4/ 421020,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    746Dance FloorDesert RoseDreamDance 4/ 412800,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    747Easy ListeningMamy BlueEasyBallad 4/ 411470NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    748Easy ListeningDurham TownEasyBallad 4/ 409460NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    749InstrumentalsThe Lonely ShepherdEasyBallad 4/ 406870,panfluteNoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    750Easy ListeningNew World In The MorningEasyBallad 4/ 408670NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    751All Time HitsUnited We StandEasyBallad 4/ 409270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    752Easy ListeningThe Last FarewellEasyBallad 4/ 409470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    753Easy ListeningThis Guy's In Love With YouEasyCountry 4/ 4103standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    754Easy ListeningDon't Know WhyEasyCountry 4/ 4088standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    755OldiesMy Mother's EyesEasyListening 4/ 407680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    756JazzBewitchedEasyListening 4/ 407850,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    757Easy ListeningStardustEasyListening 4/ 407820,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    758OldiesAs UsualEasyListening 4/ 407860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    759BalladAll The WayEasyListening 4/ 407650,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    760Easy ListeningBut BeautifulEasyListening 4/ 408050NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    761BalladWhen I Fall In LoveEasyListening 4/ 407250,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    762Screen ThemeI Won't Send RosesEasyListening 4/ 408070,musical,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    763BalladTill There Was YouEasyListening 4/ 408050,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    764Easy ListeningMy One And Only LoveEasyListening 4/ 407450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    765JazzSomeone To Watch Over MeEasyListening 4/ 407230,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    766Easy ListeningSeptember SongEasyListening 4/ 408660,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    767JazzStella By StarlightEasyListening 4/ 407250,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    768Easy ListeningThe Folks Who Live On The HillEasyListening 4/ 407850,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    769SwingMoonglowEasyListening 4/ 407840,50NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    770Screen ThemeAlfieEasyListening 4/ 407460,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    771WaltzOld ShepEnglishWaltz 3/ 409050,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    772Screen ThemeCharadeEnglishWaltz 3/ 409460,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    773WaltzCharmaineEnglishWaltz 3/ 409030,50,waltz,stringsNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    774WaltzPal Of My Cradle DaysEnglishWaltz 3/ 4090traditional,waltz,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    775WaltzFascinationEnglishWaltz 3/ 409020,waltz,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    776WaltzGirl Of My DreamsEnglishWaltz 3/ 411820,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    777WaltzTrue LoveEnglishWaltz 3/ 409050,90,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    778WaltzCara MiaEnglishWaltz 3/ 408850,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    779BallroomMoon RiverEnglishWaltz 3/ 409060,waltz,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    780TraditionalMoulin RougeEnglishWaltz 3/ 409050,movie,frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    781Screen ThemeSomeday My Prince Will ComeEnglishWaltz 3/ 410630,movie,piano,children,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    782WaltzAnswer MeEnglishWaltz 3/ 408450,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    783WorldSanta LuciaEnglishWaltz 3/ 4090traditional,italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    784WaltzPassing StrangersEnglishWaltz 3/ 408250,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    785BallroomAlwaysEnglishWaltz 3/ 4084waltz,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    786InstrumentalsAround The WorldEnglishWaltz 3/ 409050,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    787WaltzYou Light Up My LifeEnglishWaltz 3/ 409070,waltz,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    788WorldTsugaru Kaikyo FuyugeshikiEnka1 6/ 8082japanese,japan,70NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    789BalladAll At OnceEPBallad 4/ 406880,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    790BalladDon't Cry Out LoudEPBallad 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    791BalladThat's What Friends Are ForEPBallad 4/ 406680,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    792BalladHard To Say I'm SorryEPBallad 4/ 407080,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    793Pop BalladsMiss You Like CrazyEPBallad 4/ 4064ballad,pop,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    794BalladKnocking On Heaven's DoorEPBallad 4/ 407070,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    795BalladGlory Of LoveEPBallad 4/ 408280,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    796Pop BalladsI Miss You Like CrazyEPBallad 4/ 406680,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    797BalladSometimes When We TouchEPBallad 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    798WorshipHoly Spirit Rain DownEPBallad 4/ 4075worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    799BalladBack For GoodEPBallad 4/ 407690,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    800BalladWe Are The WorldEPBallad 4/ 406880,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    801ShowtimeWhat I Did For LoveEpicBallad 4/ 407270,musical,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    802BalladFeelingsEpicBallad 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    803Screen ThemeOn The InsideEpicBallad 4/ 407280,tv,soapsNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    804All Time HitsMy WayEpicBallad 4/ 4076standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    805All Time HitsMake It Easy On YourselfEpicBallad 4/ 407260NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    806BalladStrangers In The NightEpicBallad 4/ 408660,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    807Screen ThemeLove StoryEpicBallad 4/ 407470,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    808BalladSheEpicBallad 4/ 406670,90,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    809Modern PopThe Storm Is OverEuroHipHop 4/ 407800,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    810OrganistDing A DongEuroPopOrgan 4/ 4145euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    811OrganistGeorgy GirlEuroPopOrgan 4/ 4145euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    812OrganistDowntownEuroPopOrgan 4/ 4145euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    813Dance FloorBetter Off AloneEuroTrance 4/ 413890,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    814Dance FloorBlue (Da Ba Dee)EuroTrance 4/ 413690,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    815Dance FloorBoom Boom Boom BoomEuroTrance 4/ 413890,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    816Dance FloorBailandoEuroTrance 4/ 414090NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    817Dance FloorDaddy DJEuroTrance 4/ 413600,danceNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    818Dance FloorNow Or NeverEuroTrance 4/ 413000,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    819InstrumentalsPopcornEuroTrance 4/ 413670,synthesizerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    820Dance FloorMoonlight ShadowEuroTrance 4/ 414200,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    821Dance FloorNine PM Till I ComeEuroTrance 4/ 413290,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    822Party TimeEine Insel Mit Zwei BergenEuroTrance 4/ 414290NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    823Easy ListeningUp Up And AwayFastBossa 4/ 417660,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    824OldiesGoodness Gracious MeFastBossa 4/ 417460,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    825All Time HitsAlwaysSomethingThere ToRemind MeFastBossa 4/ 416660NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    826InstrumentalsBinixicaFastBossa 4/ 418000,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    827LatinCall MeFastBossa 4/ 417600,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    828JazzHow High The MoonFastJazz 4/ 420440,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    829Pop ClassicsMoondanceFastJazz 4/ 416670NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    830SwingAlmost Like Being In LoveFastJazz 4/ 418850NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    831JazzIt's All Right With MeFastJazz 4/ 420650NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    832JazzThere Will Never Be Another YouFastJazz 4/ 420450NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    833JazzSouth American WayFastJazz 4/ 420440,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    834All Time HitsBlowin' In The WindFingerPickin 4/ 408260,folk,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    835Pop ClassicsThe BoxerFingerPickin 4/ 409660,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    836RockDust In The WindFingerPickin 4/ 408670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    837BalladStreets Of LondonFingerPickin 4/ 407870,ballad,guitar,folkNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    838OldiesPuff The Magic DragonFingerPickin 4/ 407660,folk,guitar,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    839All Time HitsMrs. RobinsonFingerPickin 4/ 409460,duets,movie,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    840OldiesDon't Think TwiceFingerPickin 4/ 410260,folk,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    841InstrumentalsTake FiveFive-Four 0/ 017260,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    842WorldLady Of SpainFlamenco 3/ 4170spainNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    843WorldSaboten No HanaFolkRock 4/ 4126japanese,japan,70,90NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    844BallroomWennDerWeisseFliederWiederBluhtFoxtrot 4/ 417460,greek,greece,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    845OldiesI Love You BabyFoxtrot 4/ 419460NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    846Party TimeSchmidtchen SchleicherFoxtrot 4/ 419870,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    847Sing-alongsYou Are My SunshineFoxtrot 4/ 418220,60NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    848FamilyThe Bare NecessitiesFoxtrot 4/ 418460,movie,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    849BallroomA Walk Through The Black ForestFoxtrot 4/ 418460,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    850BallroomC'est MagnifiqueFoxtrot 4/ 418830,60NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    851R&B/GospelRespectFranklySoul 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    852All Time HitsEase On Down The RoadFranklySoul 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    853R&B/GospelThinkFranklySoul 4/ 412860,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    854ShowtimeBe A ClownFrench50s 4/ 4139show, musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    855ShowtimeCan CanFrench50s 4/ 4139show, musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    856WorldJe ChanteFrench50s 4/ 4139france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    857ShowtimeThat's EntertainmentFrench50s 4/ 4139show, musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    858ShowtimeTheNight They Invented ChampagneFrench50s 4/ 4113show, musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    859ShowtimeHooray For HollywoodFrench50s 4/ 4139show, musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    860WorldJe Me Voyais DejaFrench50s 4/ 4139france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    861Dance FloorLove To Love You BabyFrenchHouse 4/ 412000,danceNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    862Dance FloorLadyFrenchHouse 4/ 412400,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    863Dance FloorSky HighFrenchHouse 4/ 412800,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    864Dance FloorHornyFrenchHouse 4/ 412090,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    865Dance FloorHigh LifeFrenchHouse 4/ 412800,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    866Dance FloorLove At First SightFrenchHouse 4/ 412600,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    867Dance FloorCan't Take My Eyes Off YouFrenchHouse 4/ 412480NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    868Dance FloorOne More TimeFrenchHouse 4/ 412400,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    869JazzHoneysuckle RoseFrenchJazz 4/ 423230,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    870SwingBei Mir Bist Du SchoenFrenchJazz 4/ 423230,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    871SwingAfter You've GoneFrenchJazz 4/ 423230,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    872WorldReine De MusetteFrenchMusette 3/ 4200france,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    873WorldA ParisFrenchWaltz 3/ 4196france,frenchNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    874WorldMon amant de Saint JeanFrenchWaltz 3/ 4196french,france,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    875Modern PopThis LoveFunkPopRock 4/ 409590NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    876Modern PopRoof GardenFusionShuffle 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    877Pop ClassicsStreet LifeFusionShuffle 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    878Pop ClassicsMorningFusionShuffle 4/ 409280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    879RockRosannaFusionShuffle 4/ 409280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    880Modern PopWe're In This Love TogetherFusionShuffle 4/ 409480NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    881WorldScotland The BraveGayGordons 4/ 4202folkNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    882March & PolkaNarhalla MarschGermanMarch1 4/ 4110marchNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    883March & PolkaRAF March PastGermanMarch2 4/ 4116marchNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    884R&B/GospelOh Happy DayGospelBrothers 4/ 410860NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    885R&B/GospelLean On MeGospelFunk 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    886All Time HitsLove LettersGospelSisters 3/ 409660NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    887R&B/GospelGlory Glory HallelujahGospelSwing 4/ 4112traditional,hymns,patrioticNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    888R&B/GospelHe's Got The Whole WorldGospelSwing 4/ 4116traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    889Sing-alongsMichael Row The Boat AshoreGospelSwing 4/ 4110traditional,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    890R&B/GospelGo Tell It On The MountainGospelSwing 4/ 4110traditional,christmasNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    891R&B/GospelOperatorGospelSwing 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    892Modern PopAll Around The WorldGroundbeat 4/ 409480NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    893Pop ClassicsHuman NatureGroundbeat 4/ 409280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    894LatinQuimbaraGuaguanco 4/ 4120ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    895LatinGuantanameraGuijira 4/ 4118ethnicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    896LatinRoyal PoincianaGuijira 4/ 4118ethnicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    897ClassicalConcerto De AranjuezGuitarBallad 4/ 4068classical,guitar,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    898BalladTears In HeavenGuitarBallad 4/ 409090,guitar,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    899WorshipMore Love, More PowerGuitarBallad 4/ 4082worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    900BalladWonderful TonightGuitarBallad 4/ 409270,guitar,unpluggedNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    901WorldEl Condor PasaGuitarRumba 4/ 416670,duets,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    902BalladCavatinaGuitarSerenade 3/ 409870,movie,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    903WaltzBeautiful DreamerGuitarSerenade 3/ 4104traditional,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    904Pop BalladsMull Of KintyreGuitarSerenade 3/ 410670,scotland,scottishNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    905WorldStenka RazinGuitarSerenade 3/ 4072traditional,russianNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    906InstrumentalsGreensleevesGuitarSerenade 3/ 4120christmas,traditional,classicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    907CountryAnnie's SongGuitarSerenade 3/ 413070,guitar,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    908TraditionalScarborough FairGuitarSerenade 3/ 412060,duets,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    909WaltzEdelweissGuitarSerenade 3/ 410460,movie,musical,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    910Screen ThemeLast Of The Summer WineGuitarSerenade 3/ 4098tv, comedy, yorkshireNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    911WaltzLa MontanaraGuitarSerenade 3/ 4094waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    912All Time HitsI Don't Wanna DanceHappyReggae 4/ 407080NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    913LatinDon't Worry, Be HappyHappyReggae 4/ 408280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    914Party TimeGot A Good Thing GoingHappyReggae 4/ 408880NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    915SchlagerLass Die Sonne In Dein HerzHappyReggae 4/ 409280,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    916All Time HitsHelp Me Make ItThruThe NightHappyReggae 4/ 408470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    917OldiesTears On My PillowHappyReggae 4/ 408850,reggaeNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    918Pop ClassicsTo Love SomebodyHappyReggae 4/ 409060,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    919All Time HitsAll Right NowHardRock 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    920Pop ClassicsEnola GayHardRock 4/ 412480NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    921RockJumpHardRock 4/ 413280NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    922RockThe Final CountdownHardRock 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    923SchlagerMarmor, Stein Und Eisen BrichtHardRock 4/ 412260,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    924RockA Kind Of MagicHardRock 4/ 412880NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    925WorldAloha OeHawaiian 4/ 410250,hawaiian,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    926Pop ClassicsMull Of KintyreHighlandWaltz 3/ 4090liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    927R&B/GospelGroove! BabyHipHopGroove 4/ 408690NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    928Modern PopI Love Your SmileHipHopLight 4/ 409090NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    929CountryDella And The DealerHoedown 2/ 410480NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    930TraditionalThe Yellow Rose Of TexasHoedown 2/ 4128traditional,americanNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    931All Time HitsYoung At HeartHoedown 2/ 411480,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    932All Time HitsThe Right ThingHouse 4/ 4116pop,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    933WorldIl Ballo Del PinguinoHullyGully 4/ 4126italyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    934Dance FloorSamb-AdagioIbiza2002 4/ 413400,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    935DiscoBorn To Be AliveIbiza2002 4/ 413270NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    936Dance FloorChildrenIbiza2002 4/ 413890NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    937Dance FloorSamba De JaneiroIbiza2002 4/ 413090,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    938Dance FloorNo Tengo DineroIbiza2002 4/ 412690,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    939Pop ClassicsTake A Chance On MeIbiza2002 4/ 412870,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    940Dance FloorSanta MariaIbiza2004 4/ 413890NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    941Dance FloorFor Just One DayIbiza2004 4/ 4130dance,90,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    942Dance FloorBoys Of SummerIbiza2004 4/ 4130dance,90,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    943Dance FloorVamos A La PlayaIbiza2004 4/ 413090,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    944ShowtimeLord Of The DanceIrishDance 4/ 4094irelandNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    945ShowtimeFiredanceIrishDance 4/ 4094irelandNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    946WorshipAncient WordsIrishHymn 3/ 4070worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    947WorldAltalenaItalianMazurka 3/ 4143italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    948WorldRosamundaItalianPolka 4/ 4125italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    949WorldLa MantovanaItalianPolka 4/ 4125italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    950WorldAdios SenoraItalianTango 4/ 4114italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    951WorldPer Un Bacin d'AmorItalianWaltz 3/ 4175italian,italyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    952SwingLet's Call The Whole Thing OffJazzClub 4/ 413640NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    953Screen ThemeTerry & JuneJazzClub 4/ 413080,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    954JazzUndecidedJazzClub 4/ 416450,piano,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    955SwingAin't MisbehavingJazzClub 4/ 412620,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    956InstrumentalsPetite FleurJazzClub 4/ 411050,clarinet,standardNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    957R&B/GospelOnly So Much Oil In The GroundJazzFunk 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    958R&B/GospelSoul With A Capital 'S'JazzFunk 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    959R&B/GospelWatermelon ManJazzFunk 4/ 411660,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    960OldiesBye Bye BlackbirdJazzGtrClub 4/ 414840NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    961BigBandFly Me To The MoonJazzGtrClub 4/ 414660,piano,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    962ShowtimeSurrey With The Fringe On TopJazzGtrClub 4/ 416640,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    963Pop ClassicsThe More I See YouJazzGtrClub 4/ 414250,70NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    964SwingJava JiveJazzGtrClub 4/ 414070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    965OldiesLet's Do ItJazzGtrClub 4/ 414040NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    966SwingLove Is Here To StayJazzGtrClub 4/ 414040NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    967SwingOn A Little Street In SingaporeJazzGtrClub 4/ 414270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    968JazzThe Days Of Wine And RosesJazzGtrClub 4/ 414260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    969SwingNice Work If You Can Get ItJazzGtrClub 4/ 414450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    970InstrumentalsNight BirdsJazzPop 4/ 411080NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    971Pop ClassicsEasier Said Than DoneJazzPop 4/ 410280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    972InstrumentalsInvitationsJazzPop 4/ 411080NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    973R&B/GospelSir DukeJazzPop 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    974ChristmasMost Wonderful Time Of The YearJazzWaltzFast 3/ 419470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    975Easy ListeningMy Resistance Is LowJazzWaltzFast 3/ 419420,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    976Screen ThemeMy Favourite ThingsJazzWaltzFast 3/ 418860,musical,waltz,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    977ChristmasChristmas WaltzJazzWaltzFast 3/ 415050,waltz,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    978WaltzIt's A Raggy WaltzJazzWaltzFast 3/ 415860,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    979All Time HitsNorwegian WoodJazzWaltzFast 3/ 419460,liverpool,waltzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    980JazzBluesetteJazzWaltzMed 3/ 418050NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    981InstrumentalsGenevieveJazzWaltzMed 3/ 418050,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    982BallroomTenderlyJazzWaltzSlow 3/ 4088waltz,ballad,50,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    983Easy ListeningWhat The World Needs Now Is LoveJazzWaltzSlow 3/ 413660,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    984WorldO SabberdiejosijaJig 6/ 8124HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    985All Time HitsAll My LovingJive 4/ 417660,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    986Rock&RollAll Shook UpJive 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    987Rock&RollCrazy Little Thing Called LoveJive 4/ 417670NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    988Rock&RollGood Luck CharmJive 4/ 414860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    989Rock&RollDon't Be CruelJive 4/ 416850NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    990OldiesCome Back My LoveJive 4/ 415850,70NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    991BigBandA Taste Of HoneyJive 4/ 417660,tijuana,brassNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    992Rock&RollTeddy BearJive 4/ 417650NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    993BallroomThis Ole HouseJive 4/ 418450,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    994Rock&RollThat'll Be The DayJive 4/ 415450NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    995WorldSekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No HanaJ-PopHit1 4/ 4100japanese,japan,00,tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    996SwingGet Outta Your Lazy BedJumpJive 4/ 418680NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    997BigBandJump Jive And WailJumpJive 4/ 420090NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    998SwingHallelujah I Love Her SoJumpJive 4/ 416850NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    999SwingAin't NobodyHere But Us ChickensJumpJive 4/ 418450NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1000OldiesReet PetiteJumpJive 4/ 417860,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1001SwingChoo Choo Ch'BoogieJumpJive 4/ 417250NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1002DiscoThat's The Way I Like ItKoolFunk 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1003DiscoGet Down On ItKoolFunk 4/ 411080NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1004Modern PopLet Me RideKoolFunk 4/ 410400,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1005R&B/GospelLadies NightKoolFunk 4/ 410670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1006DiscoSaddle UpKoolFunk 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1007R&B/GospelSeptemberKoolFunk 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1008Modern PopHollywood Swingin'KoolFunk 4/ 410400,euroNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1009DiscoCar WashKoolFunk 4/ 410470NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1010WorshipNo Greater LoveKoolShuffle 4/ 4103worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1011InstrumentalsPick Up The PiecesKoolShuffle 4/ 410870,brassNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1012Modern PopThe Girl Is MineKoolShuffle 4/ 409080,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1013R&B/GospelI WishKoolShuffle 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1014Latin PopMorning DanceLatinDisco1 4/ 411270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1015LatinAmorLatinDisco1 4/ 411840,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1016All Time HitsMatrimonyLatinDisco1 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1017LatinBailamosLatinDisco2 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1018Modern PopMi Chico LatinoLatinDisco2 4/ 410400NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1019Dance FloorRhythm DivineLatinDisco2 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1020Latin PopMariaLatinDisco2 4/ 410090,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1021Modern PopAin't It FunnyLatinDisco2 4/ 409800,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1022Latin PopLa Isla BonitaLatinDisco2 4/ 410080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1023Dance FloorMacarenaLatinDisco2 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1024Modern PopWe're Going To IbizaLatinDisco2 4/ 410000,danceNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1025Pop ClassicsThe Ketchup SongLatinDisco2 4/ 409400NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1026Modern PopLa BombaLatinDisco2 4/ 410000,danceNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1027Dance FloorCoracao TamborLatinDJs 4/ 412800NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1028BalladYou've Got A FriendLive8Beat 4/ 408670,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1029Modern PopLet Me Entertain YouLiveSoulBand 4/ 4129britishNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1030WorshipYou Are GoodLiveSoulBand 4/ 4129worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1031ShowtimeCan't Help Lovin' Dat ManLoungePiano 4/ 407650,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1032OldiesPaper DollLoungePiano 4/ 408440NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1033Easy ListeningI've Got A Crush On YouLoungePiano 4/ 407250,duets,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1034JazzThe Man I LoveLoungePiano 4/ 406830,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1035JazzLauraLoungePiano 4/ 407440,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1036JazzLike Someone In LoveLoungePiano 4/ 407450NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1037Easy ListeningThree Coins In A FountainLoungePiano 4/ 408050,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1038BallroomTwo Sleepy PeopleLoungePiano 4/ 407630,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1039R&B/GospelIsn't She LovelyLovelyShuffle 4/ 412470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1040All Time HitsHey JudeLoveSong 4/ 407060,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1041BalladGreatest Love Of AllLoveSong 4/ 406680,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1042Dance FloorIf You BelieveLoveSong 4/ 408400NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1043BalladEverything I Do I Do It For YouLoveSong 4/ 407090,ballad,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1044Pop ClassicsGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadLoveSong 4/ 406870,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1045BalladI Wanna Know What Love IsLoveSong 4/ 407480,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1046BalladAll The TimeLoveSong 4/ 406470,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1047BalladI Will Always Love YouLoveSong 4/ 407070,90,ballad,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1048All Time HitsI'm Still WaitingLoveSong 4/ 407070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1049BalladYou're A LadyLoveSong 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1050All Time HitsSailingLoveSong 4/ 406670,ballad,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1051BalladPerhaps LoveLoveSong 4/ 407280,duets,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1052Pop BalladsEbony And IvoryLoveSong 4/ 407880,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1053All Time HitsImagineLoveSong 4/ 407270,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1054All Time HitsLet It BeLoveSong 4/ 407070,ballad,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1055BalladThe Power Of LoveLoveSong 4/ 407480,90,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1056Pop BalladsWoman In LoveLoveSong 4/ 408480,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1057BalladYou Are So BeautifulLoveSong 4/ 406670,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1058BalladEven NowLoveSong 4/ 406870,ballad,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1059BalladWe're All AloneLoveSong 4/ 406470,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1060BalladHeavenLoveSong 4/ 407090,00,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1061BalladHonestyLoveSong 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1062Pop ClassicsI Write The SongsLoveSong 4/ 407270,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1063BalladSay You Say MeLoveSong 4/ 407280,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1064Pop BalladsWhen You Say Nothing At AllLoveSong 4/ 408090,ballads,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1065Modern PopStrani AmoriLoveSong 4/ 408090NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1066BalladDavid's SongLoveSong 4/ 408470,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1067BalladSorrySeemsToBeTheHardestWordLoveSong 4/ 406670,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1068ShowtimeUnexpected SongLoveSong 4/ 407080,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1069BalladOne Day In Your LifeLoveSong 4/ 407080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1070All Time HitsSomethingLoveSong 4/ 407660,liverpool,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1071BalladWoman In LoveLoveSong 4/ 407070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1072Screen ThemeI Don't Know How To Love HimLoveSong 4/ 406670,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1073Screen ThemeThe Gentle TouchLoveSong 4/ 407680,tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1074BalladFrom A DistanceLoveSong 4/ 406890,ballad,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1075BalladThe Way We WereLoveSong 4/ 406870,movie,memoriesNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1076OldiesWhere Have All The Flowers GoneLoveSong 4/ 407860,folk,flower powerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1077All Time HitsYesterdayLoveSong 4/ 407060,ballad,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1078Pop BalladsYou Needed MeLoveSong 4/ 406890,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1079WorldCielito LindoMariachiWaltz 3/ 4170mexicanNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1080LatinEs MentirosoMerengue 4/ 4130ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1081WorldMexican Hat DanceMexicanDance 2/ 4120instrumentalNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1082SwingUnforgettableMidnightSwing 4/ 408250,90,duets,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1083BalladI Left My Heart In San FranciscoMidnightSwing 4/ 410060,americanNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1084JazzMood IndigoMidnightSwing 4/ 408040,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1085Easy ListeningThe Nearness Of YouMidnightSwing 4/ 408230,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1086BalladLadyModCntryBld1 4/ 407280,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1087BalladHow Do I LiveModCntryBld1 4/ 406600NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1088CountryDesperadoModCntryBld2 4/ 406870,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1089All Time HitsHave I Told You Lately?ModCntryBld2 4/ 406870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1090CountryI SwearModCntryBld2 4/ 408090,ballad,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1091CountryTo All The Girls I'veLovedBeforeModCntryBld2 4/ 408280,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1092CountryIf Tomorrow Never ComesModCntryBld2 4/ 407890,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1093SwingYou Make Me Feel So YoungModernBigBand 4/ 4128standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1094CountryYou're Still The OneModernCntryPop 4/ 406890NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1095JazzTake The A TrainModernJazz 4/ 4218standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1096JazzSweet Georgia BrownModernJazz 4/ 4218standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1097JazzA Night In TunisiaModernJazz 4/ 4218standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1098JazzSummertimeModernJazzBld 4/ 406230,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1099BigBandSophisticated LadyModernJazzBld 4/ 407230,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1100JazzMy Foolish HeartModernJazzBld 4/ 406650NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1101JazzMy Funny ValentineModernJazzBld 4/ 406250,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1102R&B/GospelNobody Knows The TroubleI'veSeenModernJazzBld 4/ 4062hymns,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1103JazzI Remember CliffordModernJazzBld 4/ 406040,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1104JazzBody And SoulModernJazzBld 4/ 406430,ballad,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1105Modern PopSureModernR&B 4/ 409290,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1106ClassicalAve MariaMoonlight6-8 6/ 8060classicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1107ClassicalLiebestraumMoonlight6-8 6/ 8050classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1108Screen ThemeEmmerdale FarmMoonlight6-8 6/ 8068tv,yorkshireNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1109ClassicalMorning MoodMoonlight6-8 6/ 8050classicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1110ClassicalMoonlight SonataMoonlight6-8 6/ 8050classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1111ShowtimeMemoryMoonlight6-8 6/ 806480,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1112WaltzPlaisir D'AmourMoonlight6-8 6/ 8060waltz,folk,traditional,frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1113ClassicalEtude No.3 (Tristesse)Moonlight6-8 6/ 8050classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1114BigBandBlue MoonMoonlightBallad 4/ 408040,50NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1115InstrumentalsStranger On The ShoreMoonlightBallad 4/ 408850,clarinet,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1116Easy ListeningDon't It Make My Brown Eyes BlueMORSwing 4/ 408870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1117Pop ClassicsHow Can You Mend A Broken HeartMORSwing 4/ 409070,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1118Pop ClassicsClaireMORSwing 4/ 410270,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1119OldiesWelcome HomeMORSwing 4/ 410470,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1120Easy ListeningDance In The Old Fashioned WayMORSwing 4/ 410670,franceNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1121Screen ThemeMr & MrsMORSwing 4/ 411270,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1122Easy ListeningCan't Smile Without YouMORSwing 4/ 410670,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1123Pop ClassicsHappy HeartMORSwing 4/ 411070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1124Pop ClassicsI Get A LittleSentimentalOverYouMORSwing 4/ 410470NoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1125Easy ListeningThis Guy's In Love With YouMORSwing 4/ 409670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1126Screen ThemeNeighboursMORSwing 4/ 411680,tv,soapsNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1127All Time HitsYou Won't Find AnotherFoolLikeMeMORSwing 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1128Easy ListeningClose To YouMORSwing 4/ 409870,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1129All Time HitsSitting On The Dock Of The BayMotorCity 4/ 410260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1130R&B/GospelYou Can Leave Your Hat OnMotorCity 4/ 410280,90,movie,sheffieldNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1131R&B/GospelWalk Away ReneeMotorCity 4/ 410860,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1132OldiesStand By MeMotorCity 4/ 410060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1133All Time HitsMy GirlMotorCity 4/ 409860,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1134FamilyCan You Feel The Love Tonight?MovieBallad 4/ 406890,ballad,movie,NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1135ShowtimeDon't Cry For Me ArgentinaMovieBallad 4/ 408070,90,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1136FamilySomewhere Out ThereMovieBallad 4/ 407680,movie,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1137ShowtimeLove Changes EverythingMovieBallad 4/ 408080,musical,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1138BalladOnly TimeMovieBallad 4/ 4080ballad,00NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1139ShowtimeOld Man RiverMovieBallad 4/ 407020,30,50,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1140All Time HitsOver The RainbowMovieBallad 4/ 408030,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1141FamilyBeauty And The BeastMovieBallad 4/ 4072ballad,90,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1142Easy ListeningWindmills Of Your MindMovieBallad 4/ 407860,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1143Screen ThemeThe Summer Of 42MovieBallad 4/ 407470,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1144Screen ThemeGreaseMovieDisco 4/ 411270,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1145SwingLove And MarriageMoviePanther 4/ 411250,tv,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1146BigBandPink Panther ThemeMoviePanther 4/ 411460,tv,movie,saxophone,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1147ShowtimeBig SpenderMoviePanther 4/ 411460NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1148ChristmasWhite ChristmasMovieSwing2 4/ 4090christmas,movie,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1149Easy ListeningThe Way You Look TonightMovieSwing2 4/ 410060,ballad,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1150Easy ListeningGive Me The Simple LifeMovieSwing2 4/ 4100standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1151SwingI Will Wait For YouMovieSwing2 4/ 409860,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1152All Time HitsYear Of The CatNewCountry 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1153Pop ClassicsLosing My ReligionNewCountry 4/ 412490NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1154Modern PopLife Is A RollercoasterNewCountry 4/ 412800NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1155Modern PopWhat Took You So LongNewCountry 4/ 411800NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1156Pop ClassicsThe Man Who Sold The WorldNewCountry 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1157Dance FloorDilemmaNewHipHop 4/ 4085dance,90,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1158Modern PopSeven DaysNewR&B 4/ 409400NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1159Dance FloorRewindNewR&B 4/ 411200NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1160Modern PopIndependent WomanNewR&B 4/ 409800NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1161Modern PopSorrySeemsToBeTheHardestWordNewR&BBallad 4/ 4080pop,90,r&bNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1162WorldBestel Maar Bestel MaarNorteno 4/ 4144HollandNoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    1163SchlagerAuf der AutobahnOberPolka1 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1164SchlagerEs ist so schoneinMusikantzuseinOberPolka1 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1165WorldSjeng Oan De GengOberPolka2 4/ 4124HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1166SchlagerPosaunen WaltzerOberWalzer1 3/ 4190schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1167WorldIn Muenchen Steht EinHofbrauhausOberWalzer2 3/ 4192schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1168Pop ClassicsWake Up Little SuzieOldiesR&R 4/ 4180soulNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1169SwingHigh HopesOrchBigBand1 4/ 414050,childrens,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1170Easy ListeningBeyond The Sea (La Mer)OrchBigBand1 4/ 413250NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1171SwingMe And My ShadowOrchBigBand1 4/ 413060,00NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1172SwingI Get A Kick Out Of YouOrchBigBand1 4/ 415030,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1173BigBandCome Fly With MeOrchBigBand1 4/ 414450NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1174BigBandThe Lady Is A TrampOrchBigBand1 4/ 414450NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1175SwingWitchcraftOrchBigBand2 4/ 412850,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1176JazzHave You Met Miss Jones?OrchBigBand2 4/ 413450,00,movie,piano,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1177SwingDeed I DoOrchBigBand2 4/ 413240NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1178BigBandThey All LaughedOrchBigBand2 4/ 413650NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1179BigBandFrench Foreign LegionOrchBigBand2 4/ 413050NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1180BigBandThe ContinentalOrchBigBand2 4/ 413230NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1181All Time HitsNew York, New YorkOrchBigBand2 4/ 412070,american,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1182BigBandI've Got You Under My SkinOrchBigBand2 4/ 413250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1183Screen ThemeConquest Of ParadiseOrchestralBolero 3/ 4064classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1184ClassicalBoleroOrchestralBolero 3/ 4064classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1185LatinCarnivalOrchestralBossa 4/ 413250,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1186LatinAgua De BeberOrchestralBossa 4/ 414860,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1187LatinBlue BossaOrchestralBossa 4/ 414060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1188LatinWaveOrchestralBossa 4/ 414260,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1189LatinNo More BluesOrchestralBossa 4/ 4140latinNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1190LatinThe Girl From IpanemaOrchestralBossa 4/ 413260,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1191Pop ClassicsI've Never Been To MeOrchestralBossa 4/ 412480NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1192JazzThis MasqueradeOrchestralBossa 4/ 412670,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1193LatinMeditationOrchestralBossa 4/ 413060,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1194LatinDesafinadoOrchestralBossa 4/ 414060NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1195LatinSummer SambaOrchestralBossa 4/ 414060,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1196LatinPretty WorldOrchestralBossa 4/ 4136latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1197LatinTristeOrchestralBossa 4/ 4144latinNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1198ClassicalEntry Of The GladiatorsOrchestralMarch 4/ 4112classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1199ClassicalToreador SongOrchestralMarch 4/ 4112classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1200Screen ThemeThe Great EscapeOrchestralMarch 4/ 4112classicNoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    1201ClassicalRadetzky MarchOrchestralMarch 4/ 4112classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1202ClassicalAida Triumph MarchOrchestralMarch 4/ 4112classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1203ClassicalThunder And Lightening PolkaOrchestralPolka 4/ 4156classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1204ClassicalCan CanOrchestralPolka 4/ 4156classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1205ClassicalFiddle FaddleOrchestralPolka 4/ 4156classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1206ClassicalTritsch Tratsch PolkaOrchestralPolka 4/ 4156classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1207ClassicalThe Typewriter SongOrchestralPolka 4/ 4156classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1208ClassicalSabre DanceOrchestralPolka 4/ 4170classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1209ClassicalRondo Alla TurcaOrchestralPolka 4/ 4130classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1210SwingA Kiss To Build A Dream OnOrchestraSwing1 4/ 412050NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1211SwingRed Roses For A Blue LadyOrchestraSwing1 4/ 412660,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1212SwingBye Bye BluesOrchestraSwing1 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1213BigBandL.O.V.E.OrchestraSwing1 4/ 412640,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1214SwingL'importance C'est La RoseOrchestraSwing1 4/ 412060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1215WorldLa Ballade Des Gens Heureux OrchestraSwing2 4/ 4122frenchNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1216Easy ListeningApril in PortugalOrchestraSwing2 4/ 411650,60NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1217SwingA Swinging SafariOrchestraSwing2 4/ 415260NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1218OldiesThe Lion Sleeps TonightOrchestraSwing2 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1219SwingDanke SchoenOrchestraSwing2 4/ 414860NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1220LatinA Lovely Way To Spend An EveningOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407260,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1221All Time HitsAs Time Goes ByOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407640,movie,samNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1222JazzMy RomanceOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407250,ballad,tv,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1223ChristmasHaveYourselfMerryLittleChristmasOrchJazzBallad 4/ 4082christmas,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1224All Time HitsGeorgia On My MindOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407060,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1225Easy ListeningIn The Wee Small HoursOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407250,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1226ChristmasThe Christmas SongOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407240,christmas,ballad,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1227Easy ListeningEbb TideOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407460,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1228FamilyWhen You Wish Upon A StarOrchJazzBallad 4/ 408240,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1229OldiesThings We Did Last SummerOrchJazzBallad 4/ 407650NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1230Modern PopCose Della VitaOrganBallad 4/ 408890NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1231OrganistImageOrganBallad 4/ 408070,organNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1232BalladJe T'AimeOrganBallad 4/ 407860,ballad,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1233OrganistA Whiter Shade Of PaleOrganBallad 4/ 407860,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1234OrganistMoreOrganBossa 4/ 4160standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1235OrganistOne Note SambaOrganBossa 4/ 4160standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1236OrganistWheelsOrganChaCha 4/ 412850NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1237OrganistLady Be GoodOrganCombo 4/ 4175standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1238OrganistSecret LoveOrganCombo 4/ 4175standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1239OrganistGreen Dolphin StreetOrganCombo 4/ 4192standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1240OrganistAll Of MeOrganCombo 4/ 4175standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1241OrganistLullaby Of The LeavesOrganCombo 4/ 4192standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1242OrganistI Love ParisOrganCombo 4/ 4175standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1243OrganistThe CatOrganGroove 4/ 418060,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1244OrganistYeh YehOrganGroove 4/ 417460,organNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1245OrganistBaby FaceOrganQuickstep 4/ 421420NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1246OrganistGuaglioneOrganQuickstep 4/ 417650,90,tv,beer,organNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1247OrganistHello DollyOrganQuickstep 4/ 420060,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1248OrganistTie A Yellow RibbonOrganQuickstep 4/ 419270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1249OrganistWhisperingOrganQuickstep 4/ 420020,30,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1250OrganistAdiousOrganRumba 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1251OrganistBesame MuchoOrganRumba 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1252OrganistThe Breeze And IOrganRumba 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1253OrganistLa BambaOrganSamba 4/ 411450,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1254OrganistEl CumbancheroOrganSamba 4/ 412450NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1255OrganistCavaquinhoOrganSamba 4/ 412060NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1256OrganistDelicadoOrganSamba 4/ 412050,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1257OrganistChoo Choo SambaOrganSamba 4/ 411650,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1258OrganistTico TicoOrganSamba 4/ 412440,movie,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1259OrganistShow Me The Way To Go HomeOrganSwing 4/ 4132traditional,pub songs,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1260OrganistOut Of NowhereOrganSwing 4/ 414250,organNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1261OrganistSide By SideOrganSwing 4/ 412620,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1262WorldOrient AlabinaOrientalPop 4/ 4102france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1263WorldSalma Ya SalamaOrientalPop 4/ 4102france, frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1264SchlagerTimple BoarischerPartyPolka 4/ 4106schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1265SchlagerD'Hauptsach is von Herzenkommt'sPartyPolka 4/ 4100schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1266March & PolkaAmboss PolkaPartyPolka 4/ 4116germany,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1267SchlagerAus Boehmen Kommt Die MusikPartyPolka 4/ 4120germany,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1268LatinEspagna CaniPasodoble 4/ 4122gypsy,spanish,spainNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1269Screen ThemeNobody Does It BetterPianoBallad 4/ 407070,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1270BalladHeroPianoBallad 4/ 406890,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1271BalladRun To YouPianoBallad 4/ 408690,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1272BalladCandle In The Wind PianoBallad 4/ 406470,90,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1273BalladCryingPianoBallad 4/ 408460,70NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1274Pop ClassicsThank You For The MusicPianoBallad 4/ 410070,00,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1275Pop BalladsAngelsPianoBallad 4/ 407600,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1276BalladHelloPianoBallad 4/ 407080,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1277ShowtimeTomorrowPianoBallad 4/ 407270,80,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1278Easy ListeningHow Do U Keep The Music Playing?PianoBallad 4/ 407660NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1279Easy ListeningI Made It Through The RainPianoBallad 4/ 406880,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1280WorldShenandoahPianoBallad 4/ 4070traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1281Modern PopShe's The OnePianoBallad 4/ 407690,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1282BalladThe Old SongsPianoBallad 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1283Pop BalladsWhat's Another Year?PianoBallad 4/ 408680,ballads,euro,irishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1284R&B/GospelRoute 66PianoBoogie 4/ 4164standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1285Party TimePolonese BlankenesePolkaPop 4/ 412880NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1286Party TimeBirdie SongPolkaPop 4/ 410070,holland,dutch,accordionNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1287Sing-alongsGood Night LadiesPolkaPop 4/ 4122traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1288Party TimeI Am A Cider DrinkerPolkaPop 4/ 412870,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1289All Time HitsBorn With A Smile On My FacePolkaPop 4/ 412670,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1290Party TimeKreuzberger Naechte Sind LangPolkaPop 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1291SchlagerAnneliese, Ach AnneliesePolkaPop 4/ 4124germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1292March & PolkaHappy PolkaPolkaPop 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1293Pop ClassicsMy Cherie AmourPopBossa1 4/ 413270,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1294LatinBlame It On The Bossa NovaPopBossa1 4/ 417860,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1295Modern PopWhen A WomanPopBossa1 4/ 415090,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1296BalladDanielPopBossa1 4/ 412870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1297BalladSong For GuyPopBossa1 4/ 412070,ballad,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1298LatinMore Than I Can BearPopBossa1 4/ 416880NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1299All Time HitsLong Live LovePopBossa1 4/ 415860NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1300All Time HitsYou Are The Sunshine Of My LifePopBossa1 4/ 413670,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1301Easy ListeningI'll Never Fall In Love AgainPopBossa1 4/ 413460,80,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1302LatinHalf A MinutePopBossa1 4/ 420480,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1303All Time HitsJust The Way You ArePopBossa1 4/ 413870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1304Latin PopBaby You're MinePopBossa1 4/ 415280,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1305LatinCinnamon And ClovePopBossa2 4/ 417260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1306ClassicalSymphony No.40PopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1307Screen ThemeAll Creatures Great And SmallPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1308ClassicalBadineriePopClassics 4/ 4140classical,baroqueNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1309ClassicalRhapsody In BluePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1310ClassicalRomeo And Juliet ThemePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1311ClassicalTrumpet ConcertoPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1312ClassicalEurovision FanfarePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1313ClassicalHallelujah ChorusPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1314ClassicalIn The Hall Of The Mountain KingPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1315ClassicalA Musical JokePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1316ClassicalHungarian Dance No.5PopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1317ClassicalDance Of The Reed PipesPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1318ClassicalSailors HornpipePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1319ClassicalAutumn - The Four SeasonsPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1320ClassicalSpring - The Four SeasonsPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1321ClassicalEine Kleine NachtmusikPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1322ClassicalSonata In CPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1323ClassicalWilliam Tell OverturePopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1324ClassicalTrumpet VoluntaryPopClassics 4/ 4124classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1325WorldKawa No Nagare No You NiPopEnka 4/ 4092japanese,japan,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1326Dance FloorBaila MePopFlamenco 4/ 411690,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1327LatinVolarePopFlamenco 4/ 412080,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1328Modern PopSi Ya Se AcaboPopLatin 4/ 410400NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1329LatinLivin' La Vida LocaPopLatin 4/ 410890NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1330LatinMambo ItalianoPopMambo 4/ 410450NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1331LatinMambo JamboPopMambo 4/ 411050NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1332Pop BalladsAmoureusePopNewAge 4/ 406470,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1333BalladGet HerePopNewAge 4/ 406490,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1334WorshipLet The Peace Of God ReignPopNewAge 4/ 4067worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1335BalladI Can't Make You Love MePopNewAge 4/ 406290,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1336BalladLoving YouPopNewAge 4/ 406470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1337FamilyA Whole New WorldPopNewAge 4/ 405690,ballad,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1338BalladPromise MePopNewAge 4/ 406290,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1339BalladSave The Best For LastPopNewAge 4/ 405290,ballad,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1340BalladI Don't Want To Talk About ItPopNewAge 4/ 406480NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1341FamilyColours Of The WindPopNewAge 4/ 407090,movie,colors,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1342All Time HitsMy Heart Will Go OnPopNewAge 4/ 405090,movie,ballad,icebergNoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    1343BalladTorn Between Two LoversPopNewAge 4/ 406670,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1344BalladUnbreak My HeartPopNewAge 4/ 406690,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1345BalladWhen A Child Is BornPopNewAge 4/ 406870,ballad,christmasNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1346BalladAlmazPopNewAge 4/ 406680,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1347BalladJust When I Needed You MostPopPianoBallad 4/ 405870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1348BalladAll Out Of LovePopPianoBallad 4/ 405480,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1349Pop BalladsOld And WisePopPianoBallad 4/ 405080,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1350Pop BalladsVincentPopPianoBallad 4/ 404470NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1351Pop ClassicsYour SongPopPianoBallad 4/ 405870,00,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1352Modern PopInfatuationPopR&B 4/ 4100pop,90,r&bNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1353Modern PopCan't Hold Us DownPopR&B 4/ 4100pop,90,r&bNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1354Modern PopHope Of DeliverancePopRumba 4/ 417090NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1355WorldEl Rey De La PuntualidadPopSalsa 4/ 410650NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1356Modern PopYou Might Need SomebodyPopShuffle1 4/ 409490NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1357Pop BalladsIf You Don't Know Me By NowPopWaltz 3/ 4094standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1358Pop BalladsIf You Need MePopWaltz 3/ 4094standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1359All Time HitsBridge Over Troubled WaterPowerBallad 4/ 407870,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1360Pop ClassicsAll By MyselfPowerBallad 4/ 406070,90NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1361Pop ClassicsTotal Eclipse Of The HeartPowerBallad 4/ 406280,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1362InstrumentalsConcerto For Love's EndingPowerBallad 4/ 406870,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1363Pop BalladsDon't Let The Sun Go Down On MePowerBallad 4/ 407070,90,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1364OldiesHe Ain't Heavy, He's My BrotherPowerBallad 4/ 407070,balladNoNoNoIntro 1Main B
    1365BalladWithout YouPowerBallad 4/ 406670,90,balladsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1366BalladMandyPowerBallad 4/ 405670,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1367BalladIf I Should Love AgainPowerBallad 4/ 405680,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1368BalladI'll Never Love This Way AgainPowerBallad 4/ 406480,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1369BalladUp Where We BelongPowerBallad 4/ 407080,duets,ballads,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1370BalladThe Hungry YearsPowerBallad 4/ 406870,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1371BalladThe Wind Beneath My WingsPowerBallad 4/ 406080,movie,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1372RockSummer Of '69PowerRock 4/ 413080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1373RockBorn To Be WildPowerRock 4/ 414460NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1374RockLet's Stick TogetherPowerRock 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1375RockSatisfactionPowerRock 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    1376All Time HitsEloisePowerRock 4/ 414270NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1377RockThe Heat Is OnPowerRock 4/ 414480NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1378RockGimme Some Lovin'PowerRock 4/ 413260NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1379SchlagerAber Bitte Mit SahnePowerRock 4/ 413470,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1380Pop ClassicsGloriaPowerRock 4/ 413480NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1381Pop ClassicsMy LifePowerRock 4/ 414070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1382RockEye Of The TigerPowerRock 4/ 411680,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1383RockI Want To Break FreePowerRock 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1384Rock&RollYou Really Got Me GoingPowerRock 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1385Screen ThemeBullseyePubPiano 4/ 412680,tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1386Screen ThemeDad's ArmyPubPiano 4/ 412470,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1387Sing-alongsKnees Up Mother BrownPubPiano 4/ 4126traditional,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1388Sing-alongsMy Old Man's A DustmanPubPiano 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1389Sing-alongsMy Old Man (Don't Dilly Dally)PubPiano 4/ 4126traditional,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1390All Time HitsObladi ObladaPubPiano 4/ 412060,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1391Sing-alongsThe Sideboard SongPubPiano 4/ 413080NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1392Sing-alongsAny Old IronPubPiano 4/ 4116traditional,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1393Sing-alongsIt's A Long Way To TipperaryPubPiano 4/ 412420,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1394OldiesSave Your Kisses For MeQuickstep 4/ 419270,euro,englishNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1395SwingMr. SandmanQuickstep 4/ 420040,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1396R&B/GospelLovely DayR&BBallad 4/ 409490NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1397R&B/GospelWhat You Won't Do For LoveR&BBallad 4/ 408680NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1398InstrumentalsMaple Leaf RagRagtime1 4/ 4168ragtime,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1399JazzEasy WinnersRagtime1 4/ 417620NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1400InstrumentalsBlack And White RagRagtime2 4/ 4210ragtimeNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1401Screen ThemeBarnacle BillReel 4/ 4120tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1402Pop ClassicsIn PrivateRetroPop 4/ 412880NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1403Pop ClassicsGimme Gimme GimmeRetroPop 4/ 412870,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    1404Pop ClassicsLay All Your Love On MeRetroPop 4/ 412880,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1405Dance FloorOne For SorrowRetroPop 4/ 412890NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1406Pop ClassicsMoney Money MoneyRetroPop 4/ 412870,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1407Modern PopCan't Get You Out Of My HeadRetroPop 4/ 412800NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1408Rock&RollJohnny B. GoodeRock&Roll1 4/ 417050NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1409Rock&RollDrinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-deeRock&Roll1 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1410Rock&RollJohnny Souled OutRock&Roll1 4/ 417270NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1411OldiesI Go ApeRock&Roll1 4/ 417250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1412Screen ThemeHi-De-HiRock&Roll2 4/ 417680,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1413Rock&RollJailhouse RockRock&Roll2 4/ 417650NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1414Rock&RollBlue Suede ShoesRock&Roll2 4/ 418650NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1415Rock&RollRock Around The ClockRock&Roll2 4/ 418050NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1416Rock&RollTutti FruttiRock&RollShfl 4/ 418050NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1417Rock&RollSee You Later AlligatorRock&RollShfl 4/ 417850NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1418Latin PopSmoothRockChaCha 4/ 411890,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1419LatinOye Como VaRockChaCha 4/ 412670,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1420LatinSmooth OperatorRockChaCha 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1421LatinSpeak Up MamboRockChaCha 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1422LatinBlack Magic WomanRockChaCha 4/ 412060,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1423LatinCuentameRockChaCha 4/ 412090NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1424Screen ThemeThe Ballad Of Bonnie And ClydeRockShuffle 4/ 411460NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1425CountryBoot Scootin' BoogieRockShuffle 4/ 412690,line dancingNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1426All Time HitsCall MeRockShuffle 4/ 413880NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1427All Time HitsSee My Baby JiveRockShuffle 4/ 414270,glamNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1428RockDave Is On The Road AgainRockShuffle 4/ 412860,70NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1429RockDon't Stop ThinkingAboutTomorrowRockShuffle 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1430All Time HitsDevil Gate DriveRockShuffle 4/ 413670,glamNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1431Sing-alongsHi Ho Silver LiningRockShuffle 4/ 413870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1432Rock&RollThe WandererRockShuffle 4/ 412260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1433All Time HitsSon Of My FatherRockShuffle 4/ 413670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1434Rock&RollNo Particular Place To GoRockShuffle 4/ 412850NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1435Pop ClassicsSit DownRockShuffle 4/ 412690NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1436SchlagerMit 66 JahrenRockShuffle 4/ 412670,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1437Pop ClassicsSpirit In The SkyRockShuffle 4/ 412270,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1438All Time HitsI'm Into Something GoodRockShuffle 4/ 413460NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1439All Time HitsHot LoveRockShuffle 4/ 412470,glamNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1440RockBlack VelvetRockShuffle 4/ 410290NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1441RockWhatever You WantRockShuffle 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1442Easy ListeningBallade Pour AdelineRomanticBallad 4/ 406870,pianoNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1443Easy ListeningMorning In CornwallRomanticBallad 4/ 406870NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1444BalladIfRomanticBallad 4/ 405870,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1445Easy ListeningEvergreenRomanticBallad 4/ 406270,ballad,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1446LatinVolareRumba 4/ 411690,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1447LatinGuantanameraRumba 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1448OldiesYoung And FoolishRumba 4/ 410850NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1449OldiesAmapolaRumba 4/ 411240NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1450OldiesTell Laura I Love HerRumba 4/ 411260NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1451LatinBesame MuchoRumba 4/ 411050NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1452LatinMoreRumba 4/ 411060NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1453BallroomPerfidiaRumba 4/ 411230NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1454InstrumentalsMaria ElenaRumba 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1455LatinFools Rush InRumba 4/ 411050,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1456LatinSwayRumba 4/ 411050NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1457OldiesWoman In LoveRumba 4/ 410650NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1458All Time HitsTillRumba 4/ 410470NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1459ShowtimeTonightRumba 4/ 410850,movie,musical,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1460BallroomYellow BirdRumba 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1461BallroomYou Belong To My HeartRumba 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1462LatinVente Pa' MadridRumbaFlamenco1 4/ 4106ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1463WorldLa CucarachaRumbaFlamenco2 4/ 411050,traditional,mexicanNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1464LatinJamaica FarewellRumbaIsland 4/ 411250NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1465WorldIsland In The SunRumbaIsland 4/ 411850,60NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1466BalladIf You GoRumbaIsland 4/ 410890NoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    1467WorldCuccuruccucu PalomaRumbaIsland 4/ 4112latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1468LatinEl Gran VaronSalsa 4/ 4177ethnic, spanish, cubanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1469LatinCopacabanaSamba 4/ 411470,lolaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1470LatinA BandaSamba 4/ 4124latinNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1471BallroomQuando Quando QuandoSamba 4/ 411460NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1472Pop ClassicsLove Me TonightSamba 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 1Main D
    1473DiscoNight FeverSaturdayNight 4/ 410870,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1474DiscoI'llGoWhereYourMusicTakesMeSaturdayNight 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1475DiscoStayin' AliveSaturdayNight 4/ 411070,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1476OldiesReturn To SenderScandBugg 4/ 414260NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1477SchlagerBlue HawaiiScandBugg 4/ 4154schlager,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1478WorldOnskebrunnenScandCountry1 4/ 4163scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1479WorldMin gitarrScandCountry1 4/ 4180scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1480WorldLiljorScandCountry1 4/ 4161scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1481WorldLjus och varmeScandCountry1 4/ 4116scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    1482WorldSag inte nej, sag kanskeScandCountry1 4/ 4173scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1483WorldKommer du till sommarenScandCountry1 4/ 4158scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1484Pop ClassicsHallelujahScandCountry2 4/ 406870,euro,israeliNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1485WorldMan ska leva for varandraScandCountry2 4/ 4085scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1486WorldMinns du den sangenScandCountry2 4/ 4085scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1487WorldVid din sidaScandCountry2 4/ 4085scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    1488WorldHambo I TibbleScandHambo 3/ 4140svensk, swedishNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1489Rock&RollDa Doo Ron RonScandPopShuffle 4/ 415060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1490All Time HitsWaterlooScandPopShuffle 4/ 414670,euro,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1491WorldTrolleboschottisScandSchottis 4/ 4164svensk, swedishNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1492WorldShut Up Of Your FaceScandShuffle 4/ 4111standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1493OldiesWho's Sorry NowScandSlowRock 6/ 810250NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1494OldiesWhatDoUWantToMakeThoseEyesAtMe4ScandSlowRock 6/ 810250,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1495OldiesOnly YouScandSlowRock 6/ 808450,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1496WorldDans pa Branno bryggaScandWaltz 3/ 4170scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1497WorldDrommen om ElinScandWaltz 3/ 4156scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1498WorldAfton pa SolvikScandWaltz 3/ 4165scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1499WorldKostervalsenScandWaltz 3/ 4176scandinavia,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1500SchlagerAberDichGibt'sNurEinmal FuerMichSchlager6-8 6/ 8072schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1501SchlagerWeine Nicht Kleine EvaSchlager6-8 6/ 8072schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1502WorldArrivederci Ciao AmorSchlagerAlp 4/ 4116italian,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1503SchlagerAtlantis Der BergeSchlagerAlp 4/ 4108schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1504SchlagerAlles Braucht Im Leben SeineZeitSchlagerAlp 4/ 4122schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1505SchlagerFeuer Im Ewigen EisSchlagerAlp 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1506SchlagerBuon GiornoSchlagerAlp 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1507SchlagerSanto DomingoSchlagerAlp 4/ 412080,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1508SchlagerDas Feuer Der SehnsuchtSchlagerAlp 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1509SchlagerDer Rote DiamondSchlagerAlp 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1510SchlagerDie Weisse Braut Der BergeSchlagerAlp 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1511SchlagerDa Wo Die Berge SindSchlagerAlp 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1512SchlagerSommerwindSchlagerAlp 4/ 4118schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1513SchlagerBlinder PassagierSchlagerBeat 4/ 4132schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1514SchlagerTanzen Unter'm RegenbogenSchlagerBeat 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1515SchlagerAdios AmorSchlagerBeat 4/ 4118schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1516SchlagerIm Hafen Deiner SehnsuchtSchlagerBeat 4/ 4114schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1517SchlagerIch Hab Heut LiebeskummerSchlagerBeat 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1518SchlagerSie Will Einen ItalienerSchlagerBeat 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1519OldiesMendocinoSchlagerBeat 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1520SchlagerSanta MariaSchlagerBeat 4/ 4112schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1521SchlagerDie Rote Sonne Vom BarbadosSchlagerBeat 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1522SchlagerIbizaSchlagerBeat 4/ 4120schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1523SchlagerDas Kleine Haus An WeissenStrandSchlagerBeat 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1524OldiesKnock Three TimesSchlagerBeat 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1525SchlagerBlondes WunderSchlagerBeat 4/ 4120schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1526SchlagerBella ItaliaSchlagerItalia 4/ 4107german, schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1527SchlagerSo ein tag mit guten FreundenSchlagerPolka 4/ 4130schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1528SchlagerFiesta MexicanaSchlagerPolka 4/ 413070,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1529March & PolkaRosamundeSchlagerPolka 4/ 4130germany,pub songsNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1530Party TimeThe Chicken SongSchlagerPolka 4/ 412680,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1531OldiesYellow Polka Dot BikiniSchlagerPolka 4/ 412860NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1532OldiesYellow RiverSchlagerPolka 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 1Main C
    1533SchlagerBergvagabundenSchlagerPolka 4/ 412470,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1534March & PolkaWien Bleibt WienSchlagerPolka 4/ 4120traditional,viennese,brassNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1535SchlagerNoch Grosser Als Der EverestSchlagerPop 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1536SchlagerIch Bin Wie DuSchlagerPop 4/ 413270,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1537SchlagerMoskau, MoskauSchlagerPop 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1538All Time HitsYou're Moving Out TodaySchlagerPop 4/ 412070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1539SchlagerTranen Passen Nicht Zu DirSchlagerPop 4/ 4110schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1540SchlagerUna Paloma BlancaSchlagerPop 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1541OldiesMovie StarSchlagerPop 4/ 412470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1542SchlagerVerlieben, Verloren, VergessenSchlagerRock 4/ 4124schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1543SchlagerWahnsinn (Holle, Holle, Holle)SchlagerRock 4/ 4130schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1544SchlagerDa Geht Mir Voll Einer AbSchlagerRock 4/ 4130schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1545SchlagerIch Will Mehr, Immer MehrSchlagerRock 4/ 4144schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1546SchlagerAlter SchwedeSchlagerRock 4/ 4130schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1547SchlagerDer Himmer BrenntSchlagerRock 4/ 4130schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1548SchlagerGeil, Geil, GeilSchlagerRock 4/ 4128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1549SchlagerDas Stehn Wir DurchSchlagerRock 4/ 4132schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1550SchlagerHast A Bisserl Zeit Fur MichSchlagerRumba 4/ 4124schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1551SchlagerCapri FischerSchlagerRumba 4/ 4118schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1552SchlagerIch Traume Von Santo DomingoSchlagerRumba 4/ 4113schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1553SchlagerJag Tror Pa KaerlekSchlagerRumba 4/ 4124schlager,swedish,90,svenskNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1554SchlagerArrivederci RomaSchlagerRumba 4/ 4118schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1555SchlagerAternitasSchlagerRumba 4/ 4100schlager,swedish,svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1556SchlagerNachts Am WolgastrandSchlagerRumba 4/ 4116schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1557SchlagerDo It, Do It AgainSchlagerSamba 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1558SchlagerTanze Samba Mit MirSchlagerSamba 4/ 4126schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1559LatinComing HomeSchlagerSamba 4/ 4114latin,organNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1560SchlagerTanz mit mir In Den Morgen SchlagerShuffle 6/ 8128schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1561SchlagerHello AgainSchlagerShuffle 6/ 8120schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1562Screen ThemeRaiders Of The Lost ArkSci-fiMarch 4/ 413080,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1563Screen ThemeStar Wars ThemeSci-fiMarch 4/ 413070,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1564Screen ThemeYou Only Live TwiceSecretService 4/ 408060,movie,spyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1565Screen ThemeGoldfingerSecretService 4/ 408060,movie,spyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1566Screen ThemeLicence To KillSecretService 4/ 408280,movie,spyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1567Screen ThemeFor Your Eyes OnlySecretService 4/ 408080,movie,spyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1568Sing-alongsFive-hundred MilesSheriffReggae 4/ 408860,folkNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1569LatinKingston TownSheriffReggae 4/ 409090,reggaeNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1570All Time HitsCould You Be LovedSheriffReggae 4/ 410270NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1571Latin PopNo Woman No CrySheriffReggae 4/ 408070,reggaeNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1572All Time HitsI Shot The SheriffSheriffReggae 4/ 409270NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1573Party TimeMontego BaySheriffReggae 4/ 409270NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1574FamilySupercalifragilisticexpialidocosShowtune 4/ 413860,movie,musical,childrensNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1575TraditionalCan CanShowtune 4/ 4156french,classical,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1576Screen ThemeMuppets ThemeShowtune 4/ 411470,tv,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1577ShowtimeThat's EntertainmentShowtune 4/ 413240,70,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1578Sing-alongsHappy Days Are Here AgainShowtune 4/ 413660,20NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1579ShowtimeI Could Have Danced All NightShowtune 4/ 413650,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1580ShowtimeCabaretShowtune 4/ 411060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1581Screen ThemeThoseMagnificentMenInTheirFlyingShowtune 4/ 413260,movie,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1582Screen ThemeDo-Re-MiShowtune 4/ 413460,musical,movie,childrensNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1583ShowtimeThere's No Business Like ShowBsnShowtune 4/ 414040,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1584FamilyChitty Chitty Bang BangShowtune 4/ 412860,movie,childrens,carNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1585Screen ThemeTrolley SongShowtune 4/ 414040,movie,musicalNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1586InstrumentalsHoliday For StringsShowtune 4/ 413650,stringsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1587ShowtimeThe Best Of TimesShowtune 4/ 413470,80,musical,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1588ShowtimeEverything's Coming Up RosesShowtune 4/ 413450,musicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1589R&B/GospelSweet Home ChicagoShuffleBlues 4/ 4116americanNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1590JazzNight TrainShuffleBlues 4/ 411650,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1591R&B/GospelI'm Tore DownShuffleBlues 4/ 411670,soaps,tvNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1592Easy ListeningLove Is BlueSingrSongWriter 4/ 410660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1593OldiesSealed With A KissSingrSongWriter 4/ 409460,80,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1594Pop ClassicsThe Sound Of SilenceSingrSongWriter 4/ 410660,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1595SchlagerGriechischer WeinSirtaki 4/ 414470,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1596Pop ClassicsLay Down SallySkiffle 4/ 419070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1597BalladEasySlow&Easy 4/ 406470,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1598Pop ClassicsNew York State Of MindSlow&Easy 4/ 407270,ballad,americanNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1599R&B/GospelFive Long YearsSlowBlues 6/ 805060NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1600Easy ListeningNight And DaySlowBossa 4/ 412050,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1601Easy ListeningWalk On BySlowBossa 4/ 410060,90,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1602Easy ListeningThe Good LifeSlowBossa 4/ 410260,ballad,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1603LatinWatch What HappensSlowBossa 4/ 411460,bossaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1604LatinA Man And A WomanSlowBossa 4/ 411460,bossaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1605LatinHow InsensitiveSlowBossa 4/ 411060,bossa novaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1606LatinThe Shadow Of Your SmileSlowBossa 4/ 411060,bossa nova,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1607BallroomI'm In The Mood For LoveSlowfox 4/ 410840,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1608ShowtimeEaster ParadeSlowfox 4/ 410840,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1609SwingSmileSlowfox 4/ 410820,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1610BallroomCanadian SunsetSlowfox 4/ 411250,canadian,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1611RockStairway To HeavenSoftRock 4/ 407670,guitar,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1612BalladLove HurtsSoftRock 4/ 407860,90,tv,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1613All Time HitsGet BackSoul 4/ 412260,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1614R&B/GospelSoul ManSoul 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1615R&B/GospelKnock On WoodSoul 4/ 412260,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1616Pop ClassicsBend Me Shape MeSoul 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1617Pop ClassicsSpinning WheelSoul 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1618RockHonky Tonk WomenSoul 4/ 413260NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1619DiscoLove TrainSoul 4/ 411670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1620Modern PopUptown GirlSoulBeat 4/ 412280NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1621R&B/GospelI Heard It Through The GrapevineSoulBeat 4/ 411060,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1622R&B/GospelWorking My Way Back To YouSoulBeat 4/ 412260NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1623R&B/GospelYou Keep Me Hangin' OnSoulBeat 4/ 412460,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1624R&B/GospelStop! In The Name Of LoveSoulBeat 4/ 412660,detroitNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1625R&B/GospelReach Out, I'll Be ThereSoulBeat 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1626OldiesShoop Shoop Song SoulBeat 4/ 412660,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1627Modern PopStopSoulBeat 4/ 412690NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1628R&B/GospelThe Onion SongSoulBeat 4/ 413860NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1629Dance FloorSex BombSoulBeat 4/ 412490NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1630Pop ClassicsEverybody Needs SomebodySoulBrothers 4/ 4196soulNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1631R&B/GospelSuperstitionSoulShuffle 4/ 410870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1632Pop ClassicsThis Will BeSoulSwing 4/ 4124soul, gospelNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1633WorshipSince Jesus Passed BySouthernGospel 3/ 4072worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1634RockRockin' All Over The WorldSouthernRock 4/ 413270NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1635RockRamblin' ManSouthernRock 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1636Sing-alongsViva EspanaSpanishPaso 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1637Modern PopHeaven Is A Place On EarthStandardRock 4/ 412680NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1638All Time HitsGet DownStandardRock 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1639Pop ClassicsMaggie MayStandardRock 4/ 412470NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1640All Time HitsProud MaryStandardRock 4/ 410460NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1641Modern PopNothing's Gonna Stop Us NowStandardRock 4/ 411280NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1642OldiesVideo Killed The Radio StarStandardRock 4/ 413070,80NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1643CountryThat Don't Impress Me MuchStandardRock 4/ 411690NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1644RockSmoke On The WaterStandardRock 4/ 411870NoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1645All Time HitsEvery Breath You TakeStandardRock 4/ 411680NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1646Modern PopWhen The Heartache Is OverStandardRock 4/ 411090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1647Pop ClassicsAbracadabraStandardRock 4/ 413880NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1648Dance FloorLonesome DayStandardRock 4/ 4110dance,90,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1649Modern PopPrivate DancerStandardRock 4/ 411280NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1650Modern PopIf I Could Turn Back TimeStandardRock 4/ 412080NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1651Modern PopWith Or Without YouStandardRock 4/ 412280NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1652WorldLoch LomondStrathspey 4/ 4132scottishNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1653SwingPick Yourself UpSwingfox 4/ 417850,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1654Dance FloorTogether AgainSwingHouse 4/ 412490NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1655Dance FloorAbsolutely EverybodySwingHouse 4/ 412400NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1656Dance FloorI'm Outta LoveSwingHouse 4/ 412800NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1657BigBandSing Sing SingSwinginBigBand 4/ 420040NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1658Pop ClassicsCan't Buy Me LoveSwinginBoogie 4/ 417860,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1659Pop ClassicsTiger FeetSwinginBoogie 4/ 417870,glamNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1660Pop ClassicsAll Kinds Of EverythingSwingWaltz 3/ 409670,ireland,irish,euroNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1661BalladThree Times A LadySwingWaltz 3/ 409280,ballad,waltzNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1662BallroomLa CumparsitaTango1 4/ 412850NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1663BallroomOle GuapaTango1 4/ 4130accordion,holland,dutchNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1664SchlagerDu Schwarzer ZigeunerTango2 4/ 413060,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1665SchlagerTanze Mit Mir In Den Morgen Tango2 4/ 413060,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1666BallroomPablo The DreamerTango2 4/ 412830NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1667BallroomJealousyTango2 4/ 412850NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1668BallroomLa PalomaTango2 4/ 412840NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1669InstrumentalsPort Au PrinceTango2 4/ 412450NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1670SchlagerRote Rosen Rote Lippen RoterWeinTango2 4/ 413260,germanyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1671ShowtimeThe Rain In SpainTango2 4/ 412660,musical,movie,pianoNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1672SwingChanson D'AmourTapDanceSwing 4/ 412040,70NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1673OldiesCinderella RockafellaTapDanceSwing 4/ 413260,duets,israeliNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1674Sing-alongsOn Mother Kelly's DoorstepTapDanceSwing 4/ 412660NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1675Screen ThemeSinging In The RainTapDanceSwing 4/ 412650,movieNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1676Sing-alongsAlways LookOnTheBrightSideOfLifeTapDanceSwing 4/ 412270,90,movie,comedyNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1677BallroomLouiseTapDanceSwing 4/ 411640,frenchNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1678ShowtimeLook What Happened To MabelTapDanceSwing 4/ 412870,musical,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1679All Time HitsWhen I'm 64TapDanceSwing 4/ 413060,liverpoolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1680ShowtimeOneTapDanceSwing 4/ 412670,musical,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1681BallroomTea For TwoTapDanceSwing 4/ 412830,standardNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1682WorldBella ItaliaTarantella 6/ 8128HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1683Dance FloorBelieveTechnoParty 4/ 413090,ibizaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1684OrganistSistersTheatreFoxtrot 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1685OrganistYou Were Meant For MeTheatreFoxtrot 4/ 4120standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1686Sing-alongsFor He's A Jolly Good FellowTheatreMarch 6/ 8112traditional, theatreNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1687Sing-alongsAll The Nice Girls Love A SailorTheatreMarch 6/ 8124traditional, theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1688Sing-alongsBeside The SeasideTheatreMarch 6/ 812450,theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1689March & PolkaBlaze AwayTheatreMarch 6/ 812050,theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1690Sing-alongsI'veGot A LovelyBunch OfCoconutsTheatreMarch 6/ 811820,music hallNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1691OrganistLife On The Ocean WaveTheatreMarch 6/ 812050,theatreNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1692OrganistConsider YourselfTheatreMarch 6/ 812460,musical,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1693OrganistOh! You Beautiful DollTheatreQuickstep 4/ 4174theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1694OrganistExactly Like YouTheatreQuickstep 4/ 419640,theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1695OrganistNice PeopleTheatreQuickstep 4/ 420840,theatreNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1696InstrumentalsAcapulco 1922Tijuana 4/ 420060NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1697LatinSpanish FleaTijuana 4/ 420060,tijuana,brassNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1698Party TimeMexicoTijuana 4/ 4180mexicanNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1699BigBandSo What's NewTijuana 4/ 419660,brassNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1700LatinTijuana TaxiTijuana 4/ 420060,brass,tijuanaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1701Dance FloorBoys Of SummerChartR&B 4/ 4136pop, clubNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1702Modern PopI Want It That WayTripHop 4/ 410890,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1703Modern PopAs Long As You Love MeTripHop 4/ 410290,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1704Modern PopShow MeTheMeaning Of BeingLonelyTripHop 4/ 408490,ballad,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1705Modern PopQuit Playing GamesTripHop 4/ 410890,boy bandsNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1706Rock&RollOh JulieTwist 4/ 417050,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1707Rock&RollThe TwistTwist 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1708OldiesLipstick On Your CollarTwist 4/ 416650NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1709R&B/GospelThe LocomotionTwist 4/ 415060,80NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1710Party TimeThe HucklebuckTwist 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1711OldiesLet's Twist AgainTwist 4/ 417450NoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1712Modern PopLight My FireUnplugged1 4/ 411860,00,idolNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1713BalladMore Than WordsUnplugged1 4/ 411090,ballad,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1714All Time HitsBig Yellow TaxiUnplugged1 4/ 414070,guitarNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1715Pop ClassicsMy Sweet LordUnplugged2 4/ 413470NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1716Modern PopBetter UpUSHipHop 4/ 410600NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1717WorldJan Klaassen De TrompetterUSMarch 4/ 4120HollandNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1718Modern PopBaby One More TimeUSPop 4/ 409690NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1719Modern PopOops I Did It AgainUSPop 4/ 410090NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1720SchlagerEtt litet rött paketVallenato4-4 4/ 412060, svenskNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1721ClassicalMinute WaltzVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4240classicNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    1722BallroomAn Der Schonen Blauen DonauVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4174waltz,classical,traditionalNoNoNoIntro 2Main D
    1723WaltzWaltz Of The FlowersVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4180waltz,classicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1724WaltzFruehlingsstimmen-WalzerVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186waltz,classicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1725ClassicalVoices Of SpringVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1726WaltzDonauwellen (Danube Waves)VienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186classical,waltz,vienneseNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1727ClassicalWiener BlutVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186classicNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1728WaltzTales From Vienna WoodsVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4182waltz,viennese,classicalNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1729ClassicalSecond WaltzVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4184classical,waltz,vienneseNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1730WaltzEmperor Waltz (Kaiser Walzer)VienneseWaltz1 3/ 4178classical,waltz,vienneseNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1731ClassicalFledermaus WaltzVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1732WaltzSkater's WaltzVienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186traditional,viennese,viennaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1733ClassicalPoet And Peasant (Waltz)VienneseWaltz1 3/ 4186classicNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1734Sing-alongsTake Me Out To The Ball GameVienneseWaltz2 3/ 4180american,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1735WaltzSomewhere My Love VienneseWaltz2 3/ 417660,waltz,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1736SchlagerAuf Der ReperbahnVienneseWaltz2 3/ 419250,germanyNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1737OldiesSay Wonderful ThingsVienneseWaltz2 3/ 418060NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1738All Time HitsA New EnglandVintageGtrPop 4/ 415280NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1739InstrumentalsMusic Box DancerVintageGtrPop 4/ 413070NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1740Pop ClassicsBrown Eyed GirlVintageGtrPop 4/ 415470NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1741Pop ClassicsIt's A HeartacheVintageGtrPop 4/ 412270NoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1742All Time HitsMy Simple HeartVintageGtrPop 4/ 412870NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1743Pop ClassicsIf Paradise Is Half As NiceVintageGtrPop 4/ 413060NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1744Modern PopSultans Of SwingVintageGtrPop 4/ 415070,guitarNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1745OldiesWho'll Stop The RainVintageGtrPop 4/ 412670NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1746All Time HitsForever In Blue JeansWestCoastPop 4/ 410070NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1747Screen ThemeBig CountryWildWest 4/ 415050,western,cowboy,movie,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1748Screen ThemeThe Magnificent SevenWildWest 4/ 415060,movie,western,cowboy,standardNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1749Screen ThemeHigh Noon ThemeWildWest 4/ 415050,western,cowboy,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1750Screen ThemeThe WaltonsWorship6-8 6/ 8062british, tvNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1751WorshipShout To The NorthWorship6-8 6/ 8062worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1752WorshipMourning Into DancingWorshipFast 4/ 4117worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1753WorshipI Believe In JesusWorshipFast 4/ 4100worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 1Main A
    1754WorshipForeverWorshipFast 4/ 4125worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1755WorshipOpen The Eyes Of My HeartWorshipFast 4/ 4114worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1756WorshipFirm FoundationWorshipFast 4/ 4114worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1757InstrumentalsToss The FeathersWorshipIrishRk 4/ 4119irishNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1758WorshipThe River Is HereWorshipIrishRk 4/ 4119worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1759WorshipMighty Is Our GodWorshipMed 4/ 4140worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1760WorshipWith All Of My HeartWorshipMed 4/ 4128worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1761WorshipBreatheWorshipSlow 4/ 4067worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1762WorshipLord, I Lift Your Name On HighWorshipSlow 4/ 4084worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1763WorshipI Give You My HeartWorshipSlow 4/ 4077worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1764WorshipI Bow My KneeWorshipSlow 4/ 4079worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1765WorshipThere Is None Like YouWorshipSlow 4/ 4064worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1766WorshipChange My Heart, O GodWorshipSlow 4/ 4090worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1767WorshipDraw Me CloseWorshipSlow 4/ 4072worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1768WorshipRefiner's FireWorshipSlow 4/ 4075worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1769WorshipAs The DeerWorshipSlow 4/ 4074worship,usa,americaNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1770WorshipThe Potters HandWorshpPowerBld 4/ 4072worship, usa, americaNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1771Pop ClassicsSomethingWorshpPowerBld 4/ 4072britishNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1772WorldMa RivaleZouk 4/ 4118france,frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1773WorldColle SerreZouk 4/ 4118france,frenchNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1774BalladWhen You Say Nothing At AllPopGtrBallad 4/ 407990,balladNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1775Pop ClassicsThe BoxerFolkPop 4/ 409160,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1776RockWhat Took You So LongStraight8Pop 4/ 412000NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1777Pop BalladsYou're BeautifulChartGuitarPop 4/ 408200NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1778Easy ListeningTop Of The World70sChartCntry 4/ 418470,duetsNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1779BalladYou Raise Me UpIrishHymn2 4/ 405600NoNoNoMain AMain A
    1780Pop ClassicsHarvest For The WorldUptempo8Beat 4/ 412970NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1781OldiesDaydream Believer60sChartSwing 4/ 412460NoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1782LatinBesame MuchoPopLatinBld 4/ 4095latinNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1783JazzI Can't Give You AnythingButLoveTradPianoJazz 4/ 4123standardNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1784JazzHow Do You Keep The MusicPlayingModBigBandBld 4/ 4066standardNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1785ChristmasWhite ChristmasChristmasBallad 4/ 4094christmas,movie,standardNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1786BalladPiano In The Dark80sEPBallad 4/ 410080,balladNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1787R&B/GospelJust The Two Of UsClassic16Beat 4/ 409980NoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1788BalladFields Of Gold8BeatBallad2 4/ 408490,balladNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1789ClassicalSymphony No.41ClassicalMenuet 3/ 4122classicalNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1790ClassicalEine Kleine NachtmusikClassicalSerenad 4/ 4076classicalNoNoNoMain AMain A
    1791Pop ClassicsLaughter In The RainClassic8Beat 4/ 410370NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1792ChristmasDriving Home For ChristmasChristmasShuffle 4/ 4179christmasNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1793CountryDriving My Life AwayCountryStrum 4/ 416880NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1794WaltzSchunkel WaltzerGermanWaltz 3/ 4190traditional,waltzNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1795R&B/GospelWhateverR&BSoulBallad 4/ 408500NoNoNoMain CMain C
    1796JazzOn The Sunny Side Of The StreetTradPianoBallad 4/ 405430,standardNoNoNoMain CMain C
    1797RockLiving On A Prayer80sPowerRock 4/ 412180,rockNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1798RockPride80sPopRock 4/ 411180,rockNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1799Pop ClassicsEvery Breath You Take80sGtrPop 4/ 411780,pop,anthemNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1800Modern PopSpeed of SoundBritRockPop 4/ 412400,british,pop,chartNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1801Pop ClassicsFool If You Think It's OverEasyPop 4/ 411080,popNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1802Modern PopGirl Put Your Records OnUKSoulPop 4/ 409600,british,soul,pop,chartNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1803Pop ClassicsSledgehammer80sSynthRock 4/ 409680,pop,rock,synth,anthemNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1804All Time HitsRadio Ga Ga80sPop 4/ 412080,pop,anthemNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1805Pop ClassicsDowntown60sPianoPop 4/ 411660NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1806Pop ClassicsOh Carol60sVintagePop 4/ 413260NoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1807Pop ClassicsCrazyContempPop 4/ 410590NoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1808Modern PopBad DayChartPianoShfl 4/ 407000,pop,piano,chartNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1809Modern PopComplicatedChartRockShfl 4/ 407800,rock,girl,chartNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1810Pop ClassicsDon't Want To Miss A Thing90sRock 4/ 406180,movieNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1811Pop ClassicsWhat's Love Got To Do With It80s8Beat 4/ 409780,girl,popNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1812Modern PopIf You're Not The OneModernPopBld 4/ 406000,pop,ballad,chartNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1813Pop ClassicsI Believe I Can FlySoulR&B 4/ 405490,balladNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1814All Time HitsYour Song70sGlamPiano 4/ 406970,ballad,anthemNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1815Pop ClassicsLove Me For A Reason70sChartBallad 4/ 407270,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main C
    1816Modern PopAnother DayChilloutCafe 4/ 408000,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1817Pop ClassicsEverytime You Go Away90sCoolBallad 4/ 408090,ballad,girlNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1818Pop BalladsVelas80sSmoothBld 4/ 408790,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1819Modern PopPhysical FractionElectronica 4/ 412500,dance,club,ibiza,chillNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1820Modern PopGive It To MeModernHipHop 4/ 411100,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1821Modern PopPut Your Hands Up For DetroitFunkyHouse 4/ 412500,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1822Modern PopFor YouClubdance1 4/ 412800,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1823Pop ClassicsIn The StoneFunkDisco 4/ 410880,funk,discoNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1824Pop ClassicsFeel Like Makin' Love80sSynDisco 4/ 411280,funk,jazzNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1825Pop ClassicsLuckystarSynthPop 4/ 411880,pop,girlNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1826Modern PopEenie MeenieGarage1 4/ 412500,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1827Modern PopThoia ThoingDanceHall 4/ 410300,dance,clubNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1828BigBandCrazy Little Thing Called LoveModBigBandShfl 4/ 415600,bigbandNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1829Easy ListeningDreamDreamyBallad 4/ 406300,ballad,orchestraNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1830JazzSoonCoolJazz 4/ 412090,swing,jazzNoNoNoIntro 2Main A
    1831R&B/GospelBrand New DayModernShuffle 4/ 410600,pop,shuffleNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1832Easy ListeningOnly Yesterday70sCountryPop 4/ 413270,country,balladNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1833CountryNo No NeverModBluegrass 2/ 412100,countryNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1834Pop ClassicsAll Night LongLatinPartyPop 4/ 410980,popNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1835Screen ThemeThe Black PearlMovieSoundtrack 3/ 418200,movie,pirateNoNoNoIntro 3Main D
    1836ShowtimeCaoinedh Cu ChulainnEtherealMovie 4/ 409690,show,dance,irishNoNoNoMain BMain B
    1837Screen ThemeGladiatorBlockbuster 4/ 407000,movie,romanNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1838Screen ThemeBeauty and the BeastAnimationBld 4/ 407790,movie,family,childrenNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1839ClassicalSwan LakeRomanticBallet 4/ 4072classical,russiaNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1840ClassicalFantasia on GreensleevesGreenFantasia 4/ 4046classical,englishNoNoNoIntro 3Main A
    1841Screen ThemeYou've Got A Friend In MeMovieSwing1 4/ 411690,movie,family,childrenNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1842ChristmasFairytale of New YorkCelticXmas 4/ 4080christmas,holidayNoNoNoIntro 3Main B
    1843SchlagerNur ein WortGermanRock 4/ 4185german,schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1844SchlagerAlbanySchlagerFox 4/ 4122german,schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1845SchlagerDie Nacht des Wiener WalzersSchlagerWaltz 3/ 4178german,schlagerNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1846SchlagerHuttenZauberZitherPolka 4/ 4114german,schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1847SchlagerSchneewalzerBohemianWaltz 3/ 4182german,schlagerNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1848WorldTarkanTurkishEuro1 4/ 4112turkish,arabicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C
    1849WorldGitmeTurkishEuro2 4/ 4120turkish,arabicNoNoNoIntro 2Main B
    1850WorldBahibak AktarSaeidy 4/ 4120turkish,arabicNoNoNoIntro 3Main C

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