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Loading The Music Finder Standard Catalogue To The T3

This document provides instructions on how to upload the music finder standard catalogue, the version with full titles, not cryptic ones, to the T3.

It is necessary to install this version of the music finder catalogue if using my Selecting Music Finder Records Document
which itself, is used in conjunction with my Music Finder Catalogue Sorted By Title Alphabetically Document.

If the version of the file with full titles isn't installed on your T3, the catalogue listing I've produced, wil be completely inaccurate, because of the way the song titles have been provided in the factory installed version.

To save you having to search for the catalogue file, you can download it here

Unzip the file and follow the steps below.

Note:Visually impaired users may wish to seek sighted help with this task, depending on how confident they feel about carrying out the upload without access to the on-screen information.

How To Upload The Music Finder Standard Catalogue To The T3

1. Download the Standard Library file, (see above), to either a USB storage device and insert the device into the USB Two Device terminal of the instrument, located on the front of the T3 to the right of the last key on the keyboard. Or, using a USB 2.0 cable, transfer the Standard Library file to the instrument's internal hard disk.

Note: If using a USB cable to connect the T3 to a computer, you will need to have the appropriate USB driver for the instrument installed on the PC, in order to complete the transfer using this method. The driver can be found on the CD that came with the T3.

2. Press the music finder button, (right section, row 3, button 1) to call up the music finder screen.

3. Press the 7 down button to display the file selection screen.

4. use the tab right button to select either USB or hard disk.

5. Press one of the A to J buttons, located on the screen, to select the Standard Library file you copied to the USB storage device or the internal hard disk.

6. Press one of the following buttons depending on what you would like to do next.

Button F = Replace, (Note: Please be aware that selecting "REPLACE" automatically deletes all your original records from the internal memory of your T3. Make sure that all important music finder data has been backed up beforehand).

Button G = Append, (The records in the file being uploaded are added to the records currently in the T3's internal memory).

Button H = Cancel, (Pressing this button cancels the operation. The new file will not be uploaded).

7. The screen displays an "are you sure you want to do this?" message, press button G for yes or, button H for no.

<>8. if all is well the chosen operation will be completed. Uploading the file once button G, for yes, is pressed, takes about 10 seconds.

End Of Document.

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Last updated 18 October 2009

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