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How To Record a New Song


This document contains instructions on how to record a new song, which you can then play on the T3 or transfer to a sequencing program like Sonar.

To record a new song, do the following.

1. set up the T3 with the style, multipads and voices you want to use for the new song.

2. From the main screen press button A to select songs.

3. In the song section, press record+play (left section, row 1 buttons 7 and 9), to start a new song.

4. Prepare the keyboard for playing, e.g. set the intro etc.

5. Press record again, (left section, row 1, button 7), to begin recording. Recording begins when you press the keys on the keyboard.

6. Play your song on the keyboard, when done, press stop, (left section, row 1, button 8), to stop recording.

7. Press the exit button, located at the bottom right corner of the screen, as there may be a message appear, which needs dismissing, warning you that your data will be lost unless you save it. This message may or may not appear so pressing exit as a precaution is a good thing to do.

8. Press play, (left section, row 1, button 9), to hear what you've recorded. Press stop at any time to stop playback.

9. To re-record your song return to step 5.

How To save your song

To save your song to the T3's hard disk, do the following.

1. Using the A to J buttons, press button A to select save.

2. Assuming you don't have a USB memory stick connected, press the tab right button twice. The tab right button is the right hand button of the two positioned side by side at the top of the right column of buttons on the screen. This will select the hard disk as the place to store the file.

3. Press the 6 down button to save the file with the name new song.mid. new song.mid is the default name given to a new song file. It is possible to give the song a different name, but this requires the user to be able to see the display.

4. Press 8 up to complete the save.

you can now transfer the new song.mid file to your PC by connecting the T3 to your PC with a USB cable, see How To View The Contents Of The T3's Hard DiskOn Your PC.

Important note: If you start another new song without renaming or copying the new song.mid file to another location, the original new song.mid file will be overwritten.

Note: You can save the new song.mid file to a USB stick by selecting the USB storage device option instead of the hard disk in step 2 above.

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