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Removing the T3's Hard Disk

Warning: do not! I repeat, do not! do this unless you absolutely have to.

If you do, it's on the complete understanding that I will not be held liable or responsible for any damaged caused or loss of data which may occur as a result of removing the hard disk and that it' understood that these instructions are for guidance only. If in doubt, don't attempt to remove the hard disk.

As with all hard disks, you should always backup the data at regular intervals.

The draw at the right end at the front of the instrument is, removable. It consists of the plastic front which is moulded to look and feel like a draw handle, to which is fixed a metal plate, onto which the hard disk is screwed.

Removing the T3's Hard Disk

1. Turn the instrument upside down, with the hard disk housing at the top right corner and remove the three screws that hold it in place. The screws have crossed slots in the heads.

The first is located in a circular resessed hole underneath the centre of the draws front, slightly round towards the under side of the instrument, approximately at the one o'clock position of the circular support foot that's located on the hard disk housing.

The second is also in a resessed hole. To locate it go to the circular support foot which when the bottom of the instrument is facing you is just to the left-hand of centre of the draw front.

Move your finger down from the front edge of the draw and slightly to the left and you will find an elongated slot. Go down about another inch and you will find a circular hole, this is where the second screw is located.

Like the other two, the third screw is located in a circular resessed hole.

From the hole where the second screw is located go directly across to the right about three inches or so and you will find the circular hole where the screw is located.

If this isn't easy for you to do you can return to the draws front, go to the right-hand side and move your finger slightly towards the under side of the instrument. You'll find an elongated slot that curves with the shape of the case.

Continue down and you will find a second elongated slot, continue down about an inch further. you will find the circular hole where the third screw is located.

2. Remove all three screws and put them in a safe place. Whatever you do, don't! allow any screws to fall into the instrument once the hard disk housing is removed, as the chances of being able to retrieve it, without professional help, are not very high.

3. Turn the keyboard right side up, so it's standing on it's feet and gently pull the front of the draw towards you. Don't use excessive force.

4. the draw will come out with the hard drive attached, there are no attached cables, the pins on the hard disk appear to go into a corresponding socket inside the tyros 3.

5. when replacing the hard disk, unscrew it from the base plate of the draw and screw the new one into place.

6. Gently, but firmly push the draw back into the instrument and ensure it's correctly in place, under no circumstances force it back in if it won't go in freely.

7. Turn the keyboard upside down again and replace the three screws, that's it, job done.

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