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Turning Local Mode On/Off

To turn local mode on and off in the MIDI settings, do the following.

1. Press the function button, (right section, row 1, button 1), button 21 in Wally's Panel Button Chart.

2. Press button H (3rd button down in the right hand column on the screen, not counting the 2 buttons positioned side by side at the top of this column, which are the tab left and right keys).

3. Press 8 down, which is assigned as edit, (the lower of the two buttons at the far right of the two rows of buttons directly under the screen, but above the row of sliders).

4. To turn off local for all parts of the keyboard press each of 1 to 8 down, (except 4 down, which is assigned as microphone and as a microphone doesn't use MIDI, it has no local mode to turn off).

The individual assignments for the 1 to 8 up and down buttons are as follows:

Note: Down = off, Up = on.

  • 1 up/down = Song
  • 2 up/down = Style
  • 3 up/down = Multi-pad
  • 4 up/down = Microphone (microphones don't use MIDI, so there's no local mode to turn on/off).
  • 5 up/down = Left part.
  • 6 up/down = Right part 1.
  • 7 up/down = Right part 2.
  • 8 up/down = Right part 3.
  • 5. Press exit 3 times when done. Exit is the button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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