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Yamaha Tyros 3 Style List



This Document provides the complete list of styles and their locations on the Yamaha Tyros 3.

Please read the following notes before using the information provided in this list as it may help you to better understand the process for selecting styles on the T3.

The instructions below have been written in the hope that they will be suitable for both visually impaired and sighted users.

All references to buttons on the T3 are provided here as listed in my button chart for the instrument. If you aren't sure where a button is located on your T3,you can find out where it is by using Wally's Panel Button Chart.

All the style category buttons referred to in this document, e.g. ballad, world etc, are located in the left hand section of the T3's panel.

The 1 to 4 up and the A to J buttons are located in the centre section of the T3's panel.

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What you should know before using the information in the style list

As is often the case with computers and other types of equipment, there is usually more than one way of doing the same thing. For example, on the Tyros 3, it is possible to select styles using a style category button followed by rotating the data wheel and pressing enter to select a style, or, pressing a style category button repeatedly, to move from screen to screen, then using the A to J buttons to select a style from the currently displayed screen.

Another method of moving from one screen to the next/previous screen which can be used is to first press a style category button, e.g. ballad and then using the 1 to 4 up buttons, located below the screen itself, to move forwards and backwards from screen to screen and then pressing one of the A to J buttons to select a style from the currently displayed screen.

This method gets a little complicated but I'll do my best to explain how it works.

for ease, lets assume that the keyboard has just been turned on. press the ballad styles button, (row 3, button 2.

The first of 5 screens of ballad styles is displayed and the 1 to 4 up buttons have the following assignments.

Table 1.

  • 1 up = screen 1. (displays the first set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 2 up = screen 2. (displays the second set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 3 up = screen 3. (displays the third set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 4 up = next. (displays the fourth set of 10 ballad styles and redefines the 1 to 4 up buttons as shown in table 2 below).
  • As there is no screen prior to 1 to display, the previous function isn't required, so the 1 up button is defined as screen 1.

    If you pres either the 1, 2or 3 up buttons their respective screens will be displayed, each displaying 10 ballad styles.

    If you press the 4 up button the screen displays the 4th screen of 10 ballad styles and the 1 to 4 up buttons will now have the assignments as shown in table 2 below.

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    Table 2.

  • 1 up = previous. (Redefines the 1 to 4 up buttons as shown in table 1 above).
  • 2 up = screen 4. (displays the fourth set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 3 up = screen 5. (displays the fifth set of 4 ballad styles).
  • 4 up = Unassigned. (As there are only 5 screens of ballad styles, the next button isn't required).
  • If the 1 up, (previous), button is pressed the 1 to 4 buttons will be redefined as shown in table 1 above, but in order to display screen 1, containing the first set of 10 ballad styles, the 1 up button will need to be pressed a second time, as by default screen 3, the third set of 10 styles is displayed when the 1 up button is pressed when it's defined as previous.

    If there were 7 screens to display the 1 to 4 up buttons in table 2, would have the assignments as shown in table 3 below.

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    Table 3.

  • 1 up = previous. (Redefines the 1 to 4 up buttons as shown in table 1 above).
  • 2 up = screen 4. (displays the fourth set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 3 up = screen 5. (displays the fifth set of 10 ballad styles).
  • 4 up = next. (displays the sixth set of 10 ballad styles) and redefines the 1 to 4 up buttons accordingly and so the process continues.
  • As you can see, the button assignments when using this method of moving from screen to screen within a style category will vary depending on how many sets of screens of 10 styles each individual category has.

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    Before Selecting a Style

    This section applies to what I've called the panel styles. these are the default T3 styles you can choose from using the style category buttons.

    Before you select a style, To ensure that you always start at the first screen of 10 styles for any given style category, do the following.

    1. Press any style category button, e.g. ballad.

    2. Press the 1 up button 4 or 5 times to ensure your displaying the first screen of styles for that category.

    3. you can now move from screen to screen within the ballad category using the 1 to 4 up buttons, (see tables 1 to 3 above), or, with repeated presses of the ballad styles button.

    Doing this should ensure that the sequence of button presses you make to select a style corresponds with the information in this list. If you don't use this procedure, it's possible that the Tyros 3 may be displaying a screen of styles, other than the first one. If this were the case, the sequence of button presses won't match the information in the list below.

    To return to the main screen for the T3 at any time should you become lost or make a mistake, press the Exit button, (located on the screen below the J button), 2 or 3 times, then return to step 1. Alternatively, press one of the style category buttons, e.g. ballad.

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    About The Information In This List.

    In the list below, a set of 10 styles displayed on the screen, which can be selected using one of the A to J buttons is referred to as a screen.

    The A to J buttons are located in two columns on the screen itself. The Left Column of buttons are the A to E buttons, A being at the top. The right column of buttons are the F to J buttons, not including the two buttons, positioned side by side, at the very top of this column, these are the tab left and right buttons, this means that the F button is the second button down in this column.

    The styles list has been split into catagories, e.g. ballad, world etc, which correspond to the names of the style categories displayed on the screen. The category buttons used with the panel styles, are located on the left side of the instrument, rows 3 and 4, buttons 1 to 6. Row 1 is at the top of the instrument and the left side refers to buttons that are left of the screen.

    Each style within a category will have 3 pieces of information:

  • 1. the name of the style.
  • 2. the screen number, e.g. The screen number when using the 1 to 4 up buttons to move from screen to screen.
  • 3. The letter of the button, A to J, that should be pressed to select the style.
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    I know there was a lot of information given above so to illustrate how it will work in practice here are two examples.

    Example 1.

    Using the panel styles set, you want to select the analog ballad shown as being on screen 4, button E in the ballad category. To do this:

    1. Press the ballad styles button, (row 3, button 2).

    2. press the 1 up button 4 or 5 times, to be sure you're T3 is displaying the first screen of 10 ballad styles.

    3. Press the 4 up button once, to display the 4th screen of 10 ballad styles.

    4. press button E, in the left hand column of buttons on the screen, to select the analog ballad style.

    5. With ACM turned on, press keys at the left end of the keyboard, the analog ballad should now be the selected style.

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    Example 2.

    Using the panel styles set, you want to select the pop shuffle shown as being on screen 6, button B in the pop & rock category. To do this:

    1. Press the pop & rock styles button , (row 3, button 1).

    2. press the 1 up button 4 or 5 times, to be sure you're T3 is displaying the first screen of 10 pop & rock styles.

    3. Press the 4 up button twice. each press does the following:

    3.1. before pressing the 4 up button the first time, the 1 to 4 up buttons are defined as screen 1, screen 2, screen 3 and next.

    3.2. the first press of the 4 up button displays the 4th screen of 10 pop & rock styles and the 1 to 4 up buttons are re-defined as previous, screen 4, screen 5 and next.

    3.3. the second press of the 4 up button displays the 6th screen of 5 pop & rock styles and the 1 to 4 up buttons are re-defined as previous, screen 6, unassigned and, unassigned.

    4. press button B, located in the left hand column of buttons on the screen, to select the pop shuffle style.

    5. With ACM turned on, press keys at the left end of the keyboard, the pop shuffle should now be the selected style.

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    Tyros 3 Style List

    Pop & Rock (row 3, button 1)

    HardRock, screen 1, button A.
    80'sPowerRock, screen 1, button B.
    80'sPopRock, screen 1, button C.
    80'sGuitarPop, screen 1, button D.
    BritishRockPop, screen 1, button E.
    EasyPop, screen 1, button F.
    Live8Beat, screen 1, button G.
    Classic8Beat, screen 1, button H.
    Cool8Beat, screen 1, button I.
    UKSoulPop, screen 1, button J.
    80'sSynthRock, screen 2, button A.
    80'sPop, screen 2, button B.
    60'sVintageRock, screen 2, button C.
    60'sPianoPop, screen 2, button D.
    60'sVintagePop, screen 2, button E.
    ContemporaryPop, screen 2, button F.
    ChartPianoShuffle, screen 2, button G.
    ChartRockShuffle, screen 2, button H.
    90'sRockBallad, screen 2, button I.
    80's8Beat, screen 2, button J.
    StandardRock, screen 3, button A.
    ContemporaryRock, screen 3, button B.
    AcousticRock, screen 3, button C.
    FunkPopRock, screen 3, button D.
    PowerRock, screen 3, button E.
    Uptempo8Beat, screen 3, button F.
    8BeatModern, screen 3, button G.
    VintageGuitarPop, screen 3, button H.
    WestCoastPop, screen 3, button I.
    Straight8Pop, screen 3, button J.
    SoftRock, screen 4, button A.
    ContemporaryRockBallad, screen 4, button B.
    BritishPop, screen 4, button C.
    BritishPopSwing, screen 4, button D.
    60'sChartSwing, screen 4, button E.
    ChartGuitarPop, screen 4, button F.
    70's8Beat, screen 4, button G.
    60's8Beat, screen 4, button H.
    60'sGuitarPop, screen 4, button I.
    BubblegumPop, screen 4, button J.
    90'sGuitarPop, screen 5, button A.
    SouthernRock, screen 5, button B.
    CaribbeanRock, screen 5, button C.
    Unplugged1, screen 5, button D.
    Unplugged2, screen 5, button E.
    60'sPopRock, screen 5, button F.
    RockShuffle, screen 5, button G.
    8BeatGuitarPop, screen 5, button H.
    Classic16Beat, screen 5, button I.
    JazzPop, screen 5, button J.
    KoolShuffle, screen 6, button A.
    PopShuffle, screen 6, button B.
    FusionShuffle, screen 6, button C.
    ScandinavianPopShuffle, screen 6, button D.
    J-PopHit, screen 6, button E.

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    Ballad (row 3, button 2)

    ModernPopBallad, screen 1, button A.
    SoulR&B, screen 1, button B.
    70'sGlamPiano, screen 1, button C.
    70'sChartBallad, screen 1, button D.
    ChilloutCafe, screen 1, button E.
    90'sCoolBallad, screen 1, button F.
    80'sSmoothBallad, screen 1, button G.
    R&BSoulBallad, screen 1, button H.
    8BeatBallad1, screen 1, button I.
    8BeatBallad2, screen 1, button J.
    PopGuitarBallad, screen 2, button A.
    EasyBallad, screen 2, button B.
    ElectricPianoBallad, screen 2, button C.
    PowerBallad, screen 2, button D.
    EpicBallad, screen 2, button E.
    16BeatBallad1, screen 2, button F.
    16BeatBallad2, screen 2, button G.
    80'sElectricPianoBallad, screen 2, button H.
    70'sPopBallad, screen 2, button I.
    80'sBoyBand, screen 2, button J.
    Chillout1, screen 3, button A.
    Chillout2, screen 3, button B.
    PopWaltz, screen 3, button C.
    ContemporaryPopBallad, screen 3, button D.
    80'sMovieBallad, screen 3, button E.
    6-8SlowRock1, screen 3, button F.
    16BeatPop, screen 3, button G.
    6-8SlowRock2, screen 3, button H.
    6-8Modern, screen 3, button I.
    6-8Orchestral, screen 3, button J.
    12-8Ballad, screen 4, button A.
    OrganBallad, screen 4, button B.
    PianoBallad, screen 4, button C.
    RomanticBallad, screen 4, button D.
    AnalogBallad, screen 4, button E.
    GuitarBallad, screen 4, button F.
    LoveSong, screen 4, button G.
    NewR&BBallad, screen 4, button H.
    ChartBallad, screen 4, button I.
    PopNewAge, screen 4, button J.
    Slow&Easy, screen 5, button A.
    PopPianoBallad, screen 5, button B.
    AcousticBallad, screen 5, button C.
    GuitarSerenade, screen 5, button D.

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    Dance (row 3, button 3)

    Electronica, screen 1, button A.
    ModernHipHop, screen 1, button B.
    FunkyHouse, screen 1, button C.
    Clubdance1, screen 1, button D.
    Clubdance2, screen 1, button E.
    FunkDisco, screen 1, button F.
    80'sSynthDisco, screen 1, button G.
    SynthPop, screen 1, button H.
    70'sDisco1, screen 1, button I.
    70'sDisco2, screen 1, button J.
    DreamDance, screen 2, button A.
    TrancePop, screen 2, button B.
    Garage, screen 2, button C.
    Dancehall, screen 2, button D.
    Groundbeat, screen 2, button E.
    70'sDiscoFunk, screen 2, button F.
    DiscoPhilly, screen 2, button G.
    90'sDisco, screen 2, button H.
    80'sDisco, screen 2, button I.
    DiscoTeens, screen 2, button J.
    Ibiza2004, screen 3, button A.
    Ibiza2002, screen 3, button B.
    EuroTrance, screen 3, button C.
    RetroPop, screen 3, button D.
    CelticTrance, screen 3, button E.
    FrenchHouse, screen 3, button F.
    ClubHouse, screen 3, button G.
    DiscoHouse, screen 3, button H.
    House, screen 3, button I.
    SwingHouse, screen 3, button J.
    ClassicHipHop, screen 4, button A.
    NewHipHop, screen 4, button B.
    EuroHipHop, screen 4, button C.
    USHipHop, screen 4, button D.
    TripHop, screen 4, button E.
    PopR&B, screen 4, button F.
    NewR&B, screen 4, button G.
    ChartR&B, screen 4, button H.
    ChartPop1, screen 4, button I.
    ChartPop2, screen 4, button J.
    TechnoParty, screen 5, button A.
    LatinDJ's, screen 5, button B.
    USPop, screen 5, button C.
    DiscoChocolate, screen 5, button D.
    6-8Trance, screen 5, button E.
    HipHopLight, screen 5, button F.
    HipHopGroove, screen 5, button G.

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    Swing & Jazz (row 3, button4)

    ModernBigBandShuffle, screen 1, button A.
    ModernBigBandBallad, screen 1, button B.
    ModernBigBand, screen 1, button C.
    ClassicBigBand, screen 1, button D.
    DreamyBallad, screen 1, button E.
    JazzGuitarClub, screen 1, button F.
    ModernJazz, screen 1, button G.
    AcousticJazz, screen 1, button H.
    CoolJazz, screen 1, button I.
    FastJazz, screen 1, button J.
    OrchestraBigBand1, screen 2, button A.
    TraditionalPianoJazz, screen 2, button B.
    CoolJazzBallad, screen 2, button C.
    ModernJazzBallad, screen 2, button D.
    EasyListening, screen 2, button E.
    OrchestraBigBand2, screen 2, button F.
    TraditionalPianoBallad, screen 2, button G.
    MORSwing, screen 2, button H.
    OrganCombo, screen 2, button I.
    Bebop, screen 2, button J.
    BigBandFast1, screen 3, button A.
    BigBandMedium1, screen 3, button B.
    JazzClub, screen 3, button C.
    OrchestraSwing1, screen 3, button D.
    OrchestraSwing2, screen 3, button E.
    BigBandFast2, screen 3, button F.
    BigBandMedium2, screen 3, button G.
    JazzWaltzSlow, screen 3, button H.
    JazzWaltzMedium, screen 3, button I.
    JazzWaltzFast, screen 3, button J.
    Swingin'BigBand, screen 4, button A.
    30'sBigBand, screen 4, button B.
    40'sBigBand, screen 4, button C.
    OrchestraJazzBallad, screen 4, button D.
    MidnightSwing, screen 4, button E.
    Five-Four, screen 4, button F.
    AfroCuban, screen 4, button G.
    LoungePiano, screen 4, button H.
    OrganGroove, screen 4, button I.
    JumpJive, screen 4, button J.
    Dixieland1, screen 5, button A.
    Ragtime1, screen 5, button B.
    Charleston, screen 5, button C.
    FrenchJazz, screen 5, button D.
    BigBandShuffle, screen 5, button E.
    Dixieland2, screen 5, button F.
    Ragtime2, screen 5, button G.
    MoonlightBallad, screen 5, button H.

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    R&B (row 3, button 5)

    ModernShuffle, screen 1, button A.
    BluesRock, screen 1, button B.
    70'sChartSoul, screen 1, button C.
    SoulBrothers, screen 1, button D.
    FranklySoul, screen 1, button E.
    JazzFunk, screen 1, button F.
    LiveSoulBand, screen 1, button G.
    6-8Soul, screen 1, button H.
    MotorCity, screen 1, button I.
    SlowBlues, screen 1, button J.
    SoulSwing, screen 2, button A.
    Rock&Roll1, screen 2, button B.
    Rock&RollShuffle, screen 2, button C.
    Skiffle, screen 2, button D.
    OldiesRock&Roll, screen 2, button E.
    Swingin'Boogie, screen 2, button F.
    DetroitPop1, screen 2, button G.
    DetroitPop2, screen 2, button H.
    SoulShuffle, screen 2, button I.
    Soul, screen 2, button J.
    GospelSwing, screen 3, button A.
    GospelSisters, screen 3, button B.
    SouthernGospel, screen 3, button C.
    GospelBrothers, screen 3, button D.
    GospelFunk, screen 3, button E.
    WorshipSlow, screen 3, button F.
    WorshipMedium, screen 3, button G.
    WorshipFast, screen 3, button H.
    WorshipIrishRock, screen 3, button I.
    Worship6-8, screen 3, button J.
    PianoBoogie, screen 4, button A.
    ShuffleBlues, screen 4, button B.
    R&BBallad, screen 4, button C.
    LovelyShuffle, screen 4, button D.
    KoolFunk, screen 4, button E.
    BlueberryBlues, screen 4, button F.
    60'sRock&Roll, screen 4, button G.
    Rock&Roll2, screen 4, button H.
    Twist, screen 4, button I.
    CrocoTwist, screen 4, button J.
    SoulBeat, screen 5, button A.
    WorshipPowerBallad, screen 5, button B.
    ModernR&B, screen 5, button C.
    ComboTwist, screen 5, button D.
    ComboBoogie, screen 5, button E.

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    Country (roe 3, button 6)

    70'sCountryPop, screen 1, button A.
    70'sChartCountry, screen 1, button B.
    EasyCountry, screen 1, button C.
    CountryHits, screen 1, button D.
    Country8Beat, screen 1, button E.
    ModernBluegrass, screen 1, button F.
    Bluegrass, screen 1, button G.
    Hoedown, screen 1, button H.
    ModernCountryBallad1, screen 1, button I.
    ModernCountryBallad2, screen 1, button J.
    NewCountry, screen 2, button A.
    CountryShuffle, screen 2, button B.
    CountrySing-along, screen 2, button C.
    CountryStrum, screen 2, button D.
    CountryWaltz, screen 2, button E.
    CountryRockBallad, screen 2, button F.
    CountryBallad, screen 2, button G.
    Country2-4, screen 2, button H.
    CountryTwoStep, screen 2, button I.
    CountryBrothers, screen 2, button J.
    CountrySwing1, screen 3, button A.
    CountryPop, screen 3, button B.
    CountryRock, screen 3, button C.
    ModernCountryPop, screen 3, button D.
    FolkPop, screen 3, button E.
    CountrySwing2, screen 3, button F.
    SingerSongWriter, screen 3, button G.
    FingerPickin, screen 3, button H.

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    Latin (row 4, button 1)

    LatinPartyPop, screen 1, button A.
    BrazilianSamba, screen 1, button B.
    BossaNova, screen 1, button C.
    FastBossaNova, screen 1, button D.
    PopLatinBallad, screen 1, button E.
    SheriffReggae, screen 1, button F.
    HappyReggae, screen 1, button G.
    Bomba, screen 1, button H.
    Salsa, screen 1, button I.
    Guijira, screen 1, button J.
    Guaguanco, screen 2, button A.
    CubanSon, screen 2, button B.
    BoleroLento, screen 2, button C.
    Merengue, screen 2, button D.
    Bachata, screen 2, button E.
    RumbaFlamenco1, screen 2, button F.
    Cumbia, screen 2, button G.
    Danzon, screen 2, button H.
    Vallenato4-4, screen 2, button I.
    Calypso, screen 2, button J.
    PopLatin, screen 3, button A.
    LatinDisco1, screen 3, button B.
    LatinDisco2, screen 3, button C.
    RockChaCha, screen 3, button D.
    OrchestralBossaNova, screen 3, button E.
    SlowBossaNova, screen 3, button F.
    PopBossaNova1, screen 3, button G.
    PopBossaNova2, screen 3, button H.
    OrganBossaNova, screen 3, button I.
    Beguine, screen 3, button J.
    GuitarRumba, screen 4, button A.
    BigBandSamba, screen 4, button B.
    BigBandMambo, screen 4, button C.
    BigBandSalsa, screen 4, button D.
    RumbaFlamenco2, screen 4, button E.
    RumbaIsland, screen 4, button F.
    PopRumba, screen 4, button G.
    PopMambo, screen 4, button H.
    PopSalsa, screen 4, button I.

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    Ballroom (row 4, button 2)

    VienneseWaltz1, screen 1, button A.
    VienneseWaltz2, screen 1, button B.
    EnglishWaltz, screen 1, button C.
    Slowfox, screen 1, button D.
    Foxtrot, screen 1, button E.
    Quickstep, screen 1, button F.
    Tango1, screen 1, button G.
    Tango2, screen 1, button H.
    Swingfox, screen 1, button I.
    Pasodoble, screen 1, button J.
    Samba, screen 2, button A.
    ChaChaCha, screen 2, button B.
    Rumba, screen 2, button C.
    Jive, screen 2, button D.
    OrganChaCha, screen 2, button E.
    OrganSwing, screen 2, button F.
    OrganSamba, screen 2, button G.
    OrganQuickstep, screen 2, button H.
    OrganRumba, screen 2, button I.
    TheatreFoxtrot, screen 2, button J.
    TheatreQuickstep, screen 3, button A.
    TheatreMarch, screen 3, button B.
    9-8Waltz, screen 3, button C.
    SwingWaltz, screen 3, button D.

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    Movie & Show (row 4, button 3)

    MovieSoundtrack, screen 1, button A.
    EtherealMovie, screen 1, button B.
    Blockbuster, screen 1, button C.
    AniFantasy, screen 1, button D.
    AnimationBallad, screen 1, button E.
    RomanticBallet, screen 1, button F.
    GreenFantasia, screen 1, button G.
    BaroqueConcerto, screen 1, button H.
    BaroqueAir, screen 1, button I.
    ClassicalMenuet, screen 1, button J.
    ClassicalSerenade, screen 2, button A.
    Sci-fiMarch, screen 2, button B.
    SecretService, screen 2, button C.
    70'sTVTheme, screen 2, button D.
    WildWest, screen 2, button E.
    MovieSwing1, screen 2, button F.
    MovieSwing2, screen 2, button G.
    MovieBallad, screen 2, button H.
    MovieDisco, screen 2, button I.
    SaturdayNight, screen 2, button J.
    OrchestralBolero, screen 3, button A.
    OrchestralMarch, screen 3, button B.
    OrchestralPolka, screen 3, button C.
    PopClassics, screen 3, button D.
    BroadwayBallad, screen 3, button E.
    Moonlight6-8, screen 3, button F.
    ClassicPianoBallad, screen 3, button G.
    Showtune, screen 3, button H.
    French50's, screen 3, button I.
    TapDanceSwing, screen 3, button J.
    CelticXmas, screen 4, button A.
    ChristmasShuffle, screen 4, button B.
    ChristmasBallad, screen 4, button C.
    ChristmasSwing1, screen 4, button D.
    ChristmasSwing2, screen 4, button E.
    ChristmasWaltz, screen 4, button F.
    MoviePanther, screen 4, button G.

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    Entertainer (row 4, button 4)

    GermanRock, screen 1, button A.
    DiscoFox, screen 1, button B.
    SchlagerFox, screen 1, button C.
    SchlagerWaltz, screen 1, button D.
    EuroPopOrgan, screen 1, button E.
    AlpBallad1, screen 1, button F.
    AlpBallad2, screen 1, button G.
    70'sFrenchHit, screen 1, button H.
    Schlager6-8, screen 1, button I.
    SchlagerPolka, screen 1, button J.
    ScandinavianShuffle, screen 2, button A.
    ScandinavianCountry1, screen 2, button B.
    ScandinavianCountry2, screen 2, button C.
    ScandinavianSlowRock, screen 2, button D.
    ScandinavianBugg, screen 2, button E.
    SchlagerSamba, screen 2, button F.
    SchlagerShuffle, screen 2, button G.
    SchlagerItalia, screen 2, button H.
    SchlagerRock, screen 2, button I.
    SchlagerAlp, screen 2, button J.
    SchlagerPop, screen 3, button A.
    SchlagerBeat, screen 3, button B.
    SchlagerRumba, screen 3, button C.
    PartyPolka, screen 3, button D.
    Tijuana, screen 3, button E.
    AlpRock, screen 3, button F.
    8BeatAdria, screen 3, button G.
    PubPiano, screen 3, button H.
    PolkaPop, screen 3, button I.
    DiscoHands, screen 3, button J.
    Carnival, screen 4, button A.
    Caribbean, screen 4, button B.

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    World (row 4, button 5)

    ZitherPolka, screen 1, button A.
    BohemianWaltz, screen 1, button B.
    IrishHymn1, screen 1, button C.
    IrishHymn2, screen 1, button D.
    Sirtaki, screen 1, button E.
    Flamenco, screen 1, button F.
    SpanishPaso, screen 1, button G.
    PopFlamenco, screen 1, button H.
    FrenchMusette, screen 1, button I.
    ItalianMazurka, screen 1, button J.
    TurkishEuropean1, screen 2, button A.
    TurkishEuropean2, screen 2, button B.
    Saeidy, screen 2, button C.
    IrishDance, screen 2, button D.
    CelticDance, screen 2, button E.
    HighlandWaltz, screen 2, button F.
    ItalianWaltz, screen 2, button G.
    FrenchWaltz, screen 2, button H.
    ScandinavianWaltz, screen 2, button I.
    MariachiWaltz, screen 2, button J.
    OrientalPop, screen 3, button A.
    Zouk, screen 3, button B.
    Casatchock, screen 3, button C.
    Hawaiian, screen 3, button D.
    GermanWaltz, screen 3, button E.
    OberPolka1, screen 3, button F.
    OberWalzer1, screen 3, button G.
    MexicanDance, screen 3, button H.
    ItalianPolka, screen 3, button I.
    ItalianTango, screen 3, button J.
    Strathspey, screen 4, button A.
    Reel, screen 4, button B.
    Jig, screen 4, button C.
    GayGordons, screen 4, button D.
    Tarantella, screen 4, button E.
    ScandinavianHambo, screen 4, button F.
    ScandinavianSchottis, screen 4, button G.
    USMarch, screen 4, button H.
    6-8March, screen 4, button I.
    BrassBand, screen 4, button J.
    GermanMarchOne, screen 5, button A.
    GermanMarchTwo, screen 5, button B.
    Norteno, screen 5, button C.
    BandaPolka, screen 5, button D.
    BandaVals, screen 5, button E.
    OberPolka2, screen 5, button F.
    OberWalzer2, screen 5, button G.
    HullyGully, screen 5, button H.
    FolkRock, screen 5, button I.
    Enka, screen 5, button J.
    PopEnka, screen 6, button A.

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