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Updating The T3's Firmware

From time to time, Yamaha releases firmware updates for the Tyros 3. If you want to be sure that any future products/features work correctly on your T3, you should check periodically for updates to the firmware.

To Update the firmware do the following.

1. Download the zip file containing the firmware to the PC, as of the date of this document it is currently Version 1.20, from: http://download.yamaha.com/

On the resulting page:

The resulting page should list all the firmware and drivers, shown in table format. JAWS users can press the letter T repeatedly, to jump from table to table.

2. Unzip the downloaded zip file containing the firmware and place the files only, no folders, to the root of a memory stick.

Note: the files must be in the root of the memory stick and not inside a folder, if they're not, the update won't be performed.

3. insert the memory stick into the USB socket to the right of the keyboard of the T3 with the power off.

4. Hold down the start/stop button (left section, row 6, button 14), in Wally's Panel Button Chart
while turning the power on.

5. Wait for about 2 minutes to allow the T3 to boot up and press start/stop again.

6. Wait a couple of seconds then press the start/stop button one more time.

7. leave the keyboard for 10 minutes to carry out the firmware update.

8. restart the T3 and you're done.

9. If you wish, delete the firmware files from the memory stick.

Note: you can tell the T3 to delete the files for you on completion of the upgrade, but personally, I preferred to delete them using the PC, as it's more accessible and avoids possible problems during the update.

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Last updated 11 September 2012

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